Vintage Kelly for my first Hermes?

  1. A Kelly is my dream bag :love: I'm nowhere near being able to afford a new Kelly. Besides, I'd rather wait a few years, I don't think I'd know what to do with such an expensive bag :lol:

    What does everyone think about buying a vintage Kelly as a first Hermes bag? I can't even afford one of those right now (recovering from other bag expenditures :shame: ), but I had thought about it as a future purchase. I love the vintage look and I think a vintage Kelly would be a great Hermes starter piece, but I'm not sure if I should go for a different Hermes bag for my first, such as a Plume. This is still a ways down the road, but I thought about it a lot this weekend.

    What are everyone's thoughts on this? Thanks! :cool:
  2. vintage would be great! depending on the condition it may be even more expensive, though! they really are classic- you can't go wrong with a vintage as a result!
  3. I think a Vintage Kelly would be fantastic! You can't go wrong!
  4. I think you could find a lightly used kelly for a reasonable price! Sell some of those other bags girl lol!!!
  5. Definitely!
  6. I totally agree; we're all selling like mad to raise funds for our H bags..!!;) :flowers:
  7. I think a vintage Kelly would be a great idea. I don't know how much they go for though. It might be pricey too! I was in an Hermes store at Americana Manhasset the other day and saw a pretty light blue colored leather bag. I'm not sure of the official name for it. It had a silver "H" in the middle. It was probably the closure to the bag. It was really pretty. Maybe someone more knowledgable can tell you more about it. It was gorgeous!
  8. So it's not a bad idea, afterall :amuse: I was looking on eBay and saw what appeared to be a few (authentic, I hope) vintage Kellys. Here is one of them - Not sure how I feel about black, though. I'd prefer to find one in another color :smile:

    I'd love to get one now, but I really don't want to let any of my other bags go! I'm going to try and be good :angel: and save for it the old fashioned way :P
  9. If you not in love with black box, then wait until another Kelly comes up. I can assure you another Kelly will pop up, and hopefully in the color you are looking for! But still, inasmuch as you are still going to pay a lot for a kelly- vintage or not- make sure it is a color that you love, and would enjoy carrying!
  10. Definitely - I do plan on waiting until I find one in the right color. I'm still paying a lot for the bag, I want it to be in a color that I love :heart:

    What about consignment stores? I don't want to limit myself to eBay. Maybe there are some in the Palm Beach area worth looking into? There is a lot of old money in that area :P
  11. I think a vintage Kelly would be wonderful. I am feeling the same way, saving and trying to figure out what my first H bag should be. I am going to try and be patient and I am sure the right one will come along. :yes: But new or vintage I don't think you could go wrong. I love to think about the history of vintage items! :biggrin:
  12. I am looking at Consignment stores as well! Try RodeoDrive Resale! Jemznjewels is another one- but I think she is over priced (her used bags are priced over retail:yucky:)
  13. Wonderful idea. There are actually some vintage bags out there in wonderful condition. If it looks a little worn, just say you inherited from your dear grandma/aunt/mother! Everyone will think you were very lucky!
  14. Excellent, excellent idea! At some point, you'll want to sell some of your other bags to finance an Hermes I think....this is certainly what happened to me! And then, of course, you can't stop at just one!!!!
  15. I bought from for my plume -- they had a kelly a little while ago on the can always try e-bay as myself and others have had good luck!