VINTAGE KELLY BAGS? or older beaten up ones? anyone

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  1. get some matching shoes and I see no reason why they should not go with jewel tones
    failing that keep it for your holiday in a cold climate when you can wear your fur
    it is a beautiful bag
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  2. Thanks for getting it. I have a lot of vintage lady bags that I carry on date nights with DH. They work great with my wardrobe and lifestyle. I wish one could know whether a bag would work for them before purchasing it. It is like trying to purchase a winning lottery ticket. You just don't know until it is yours. Always a gamble.

    I rarely carry the porc kelly but have zero ambivalence about it. On the other hand, I have a Fendi spy bag that I love but won't carry, but also won't sell because I would get so little for it. It is not like it is taking up massive amounts of space in my house but I feel bad owning it and not carrying it. The only thing in life that has caused me more ambivalence than handbags was bad boyfriends in my past. Thank goodness I won't be going there again.

    What color is your Sac Cecile? Is color the reason you are maybe letting it go?
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  3. Thank you.
  4. No doubt. But there is also a lot to be said about a bag that is been used and enjoyed without fear. Personally I love some character into an old Kelly bag and I see it as a bonus testament to the superior quality and the antithesis of the throw away tendencies infesting the planet.
  5. I do love this bag! Personally I would never wear any kind of fur, but this bag would look fantastic with jeans, with a cashmere coat, with sandals even... do many possibilities!
  6. Yes, mostly because the gold color doesn’t really work in my wardrobe very well (and I just bought an etoupe Evelyne that does go with most things I wear). But it is in such good shape for its age it is so hard to let it go and I’m always excited that I have a bag so old that looks nearly new.
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  7. I can't deny that there is a colour or at least a tonal value
    but somehow vache natural, peau de porc, fauve barenia and other natural heritage skins of their ilk seem to transcend colour and become universal leather bags so their essential gold/tan palette is not the most obvious element of their appearance.
  8. love your bags! they are beautiful and with character. Does the peau porc come in black or dyed black after market?
  9. Wow, this Kelly of yours is amazing! IMO she would love lovely with jewel tones. I had to laugh when you described your difficulties with the color and thoughts of different straps and twillies to try to make her work. I have the exact same feelings about a very different Kelly — mine is Rouge Vif Box with GHW, and I struggle to make this bag “fit.” But as you put it, it has a very active place in my bag fantasy life, and I find it too beautiful to let go!
  10. I totally agree. I don’t tend to love brown bags, but my vintage fauve Barenia K goes with everything and I wear it all the time. Somehow these heritage leathers do seem, as you said, to transcend color and just work.
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  11. Your bags are both spectacular!
  12. Oh. My. Gosh.
    Thats a beautiful bag - I'd never guess she's 70! Such a great neutral color too - I could see wearing her with almost anything, and I would absolutely get that RM guitar strap for an edgy look!
    The black Porc is gorgeous too - but I adore black bags.
  13. Beautiful vintage Kelly!! I wouldn’t sell this bag, only because you’ve spent so many years taking such great care of it. You get to know every inch and every stitch of a bag when you do your own conditioning, and for me that makes letting go of a bag even harder. I have a Vache Natural Kelly from the ‘90’s that’s slightly more yellow than yours, and it goes in the weekly bag rotation regardless of what I’m wearing! Since I’m almost always in jeans, VN tends to look okay even if I’m wearing a top that’s cool toned jewel colors (which is almost all the time). I do wear it with black, too, so do take my fashion sense with a grain of salt, lol!
  14. Docride dyed it for me.
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  15. Thank you all for the kind words. I spend way too much time trying to get the collection that is perfect for me in every way. Should I buy this? Should I sell this? It is an illness. Both buying and selling cause too much anxiety. I am on board with trying to enjoy what I have more.
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