VINTAGE KELLY BAGS? or older beaten up ones? anyone

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  1. as you ladies here are always so knowledgeable about these things. I wondered if any of you have purchased recently any vintage bags ( or inherited any! ) Or perhaps not quite vintage but some older beaten up ones? Any photos you could post would be so great.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. yes i have three and i love them two vinatge kellys and one vintage trim they are all box and two of them were a bit beaten bu wearable i sent them to hermes and they gave them a newer look and fixed up the stiching and cracking but they are so wearable and the posibilities are infnate so if you have the option go for it dont overpay but they are great bags
  3. Yes, my Bolide and Trim are both over 25 years old and (to me) perfect! I love vintage more than new anyway, so I'll always take old over new. Plus, I am the QUEEN of the Train Wreck, as my peeps will attest to :P

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  4. Ah, I love vintage. The bag in my avatar is a 1959 black box Kelly. I have a 1970 bilcolor Kelly, indigo with white handle and straps.
  5. I have a 1974 BBKelly that I purchased from a love tpf member. It is in gorgeous condition and has a fabulous patina.

    I adore this bag and would MUCH prefer BB in vintage rather than new - it has "soul".

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  6. I am a newbie. I found an old handbag at a goodwill shop. It looks so much like a kelly bag. It is made in real ostrich, all sides are finished and the interior is leather. It does not have a mark I can see and after searching the threads I don't think it is a real Hermes because the tips on the ends of the strap (that goes around) are double sided. Was this ever an option? Also inside it says Genuine Leather Made in Italy(2 lines). It is an extremely well made bag. I would say from the 50s or 60s. thanks
  7. definitely not hermes, although it may be pretty!
  8. thanks for the quick response. It is hard to believe some company would go to all the expense. Every other detail, including the stitching, the waxing, just to mention a few details. Just the 2 sided metal tips looked odd; I even removed one to see if there was a mark. There was possibly a faint mark but it was probably nothing. It was still worth buying. ($20)
  9. I love my vintage bag collection - porc kelly and a box kelly. I love to think about the history these bags have - where they have been, what elegant lady has carried them as they made lovely memories. They both have a lovely patina that you can only get with time ... or a lot of elbow grease and doc's treatments.
  10. Brennamom, your Bolide and Trim are gorgeous!!! :faint:

    India, Rose100 ITA I love vintage Kellys especially BBKs! :tup:

    My BBK was beat up when I got her. Scuffed corners, dirty - she had makeup/dirt/even some tiny flecks of paint on her. :shocked: But after some TLC she looks so gorgeous! :love:
  11. I love my vintage kellys! I prefer them over my new ones!

    1959 black box 32 cm retourne kelly

    1970 navy blue 28cm box kelly

    1989 rouge vif box 28cm

    35 cm 1975 brown box rigide kelly
  12. ^^^Beautiful collection. My Kelly bag is from 1996. I love it!
  13. Luccibag - those Kellys are beautiful. Love the leather and patina.