Vintage Kelly 32 from 1959

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  1. Hi Hermes lovers!

    I am dreaming about Kelly bag, but didnt see any possibilities to buy new or even pre-loved one. Recently I found vintage Kelly 32 for a good price, but the bag is in very bad condition. I thought I can buy her and send to Hermes SPA for reconditioning.

    Your thoughts please

    Thank you in advance

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  2. You may want to post this on Docride's vintage thread. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. Has it been authenticated?
  3. Just be aware that spa can be expensive as well depending on what needs to be done. Sometimes, comparing a neglected pre-loved that need a lot of work with a bit more expensive pre-loved with minimal problems can come out very close.

    Plus spa can only do so much, you could pay a lot for spa and don't see the magnitude of the results you're expecting.

    Perhaps you can read the thread on spa and refurbishing, many people post costs for some spa/refurbish in those threads, might give you an idea of what spa can cost because it is not inexpensive.

    Also if you purchase a bag that is torn and has been neglected, spa might not be able to repair.

    Just my opinions... Good luck.
  4. Thank you I will try to find some tipps in Docride's thread

  5. Dear plastic-fish,

    Thanks for your advice! Honestly, I didn't thought about the spa costs.. I can't imagine how much it can cost, but since the bag costs is around 3k, I think it does not make sense to buy that old bag..
  6. Forget it.
  7. +1
  8. If price is a major considering factor for you
    I have no comments
    Otherwise i definitely pass this piece
    There are much better vintage box in the market
    Lots to choose from
  9. I have to agree with others. I would pass on this item.
  10. +1
    no matter what the price is you risk being disappointed. this kelly belongs to the train wrack thread - sorry for honest (but of course subjective) opinion. sometimes it is better to wait and save a bit more. good luck!
  11. Nothing can fix this bag.

  12. that's too much for that bag, really. Check out collector square they have 5 K's under 3k Euro in much better condition + they give you a certificate of authenticity plus you can go to their showroom and check the items you are interested in ( as you are from Switzerland it might be a short trip)

    I am not tied to that company, btw. So this is no advertising.

    I'll post a link here, I guess the K should be GHW?
  13. Thank you all for your advice and help! I recently understood, that I need Kelly in my life 😺 But I will not buy that bag 100% sure as you say nothing can fix the bag!

    Thank you so much!
  14. Thank you millivanilli! I will check that page! Who knows, maybe I will find my dream Kelly 😻
  15. I also think that the price is too high - but if you have better pictures post them to asking for ms doc rides advice. She is the master of restoration and can see what the rest of us often miss. She carries out restorations personally, though she is based in the US. Things I d look for is the integrity of the handle, dry rot and or deep tears. I have a Kelly from 1959 and is my favourite!
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