Vintage Jumbo?

  1. Hi All,

    I've recently found this forum and been overwhelmed with all the help/support! So, I am reaching out so you can all possibly help me find my 1st Chanel.

    I am searching for a vintage Jumbo in Black-- around or under $1000 would be preferable.

    I just wanted to post in case anyone has seen one/stumbles upon one!

    Thanks so much,
  2. Also, I should add with Gold Hardware!

  3. I got one from the eBay seller Kaorin. She is in Japan and has lots of bags for sale from friends and family. If she doesn't have one up for sale now, email her and ask about one. She is great and "all authentic".:yes:
  4. Thanks so much. That seller doesn't have anything listed now, and since I don't have any feedback, eBay won't let me contact them to ask. But I will keep that name in mind and keep checking back.

    I appreciate your help!! :smile: