Vintage Jumbo Quilting

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  1. Not sure if I'm posting this in the right category so Mods, please feel free to move it if it isn't.

    Does anyone know why the quilting, and it seems also the quality, is better on the vintage jumbos versus the jumbo XL?

    9/10 Jumbo XL's I've seen have deflated quilting and does not seem to age well in comparison to the vintage jumbos. Is it a different leather?

    Please enlighten me as I am really curious and I've recently started an obsession with collecting vintage Chanel pieces. :smile:
  2. Because the vintage jumbos have flat quilts vs puffy quilts! Puffy will deflate over time. This is exactly why I chose jumbo over XL and I LOVE it! It's a 1 series (1991-1994) and looks pristine!
  3. Ahhh so the jumbos never had puffy quilting to begin with??? I have a series 3 in black and a series 4 in beige and the beige one is slightly puffier than my black jumbo.

    Your vintage jumbo is gorgeous btw! Excellent buy.
  4. Exactly!!! Thank you! I do love her so!!! ;)

  5. Different stitching application
    That's why there is less deflating (has anyone seen Nicole Richie's XL. Major deflating).
    XL have a more universal stitching application and jumbos don't - also jumbos have an extra "seam" sewn parallel to the edge of the panel of the top flap that you can see, which also reinforces the quilting. More craftsmanship has gone into it.
    I still prefer the jumbo XL / maxi for some reason because I feel that the regular vintage jumbo is too tall for my taste. But I agree it's SO HARD to find a puffy jumbo XL Maxi. I have one and I barely use it. I will post pics one day
  6. Thanks Roku...I tried on my friends XL and since I'm only 5 feet tall, it looks ginormous on me! I think that's one of the reasons why I gravitate towards the jumbo looks more proportionate on me. Oh and the quilting that just won't quit no matter how old it gets! lol ;)
  7. I'm glad I found this topic.
    Thanks Roku and KBT39 for explaining the difference.

    On that topic, does the Diana flap have flat or puffy quilts to begin with?
    It seems that they age very well. I don't see a lot of them deflated terribly. Even on the worse ones, the quilts are still better than the deflated quilts on the XL. And in pristine condition, the Diana quilts don't look that puffy to begin with.

    I'm just curious if it has the same stitching application with the vintage jumbo.