Vintage Jumbo this normal?

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  1. i recently purchased a vintage series 2 jumbo flap on ebay after having it authenticated here. I noticed that a small part on the chain the leather doesnt connect and i just wanted to know if that was normal This is the picture the seller had i just didnt notice it before i bought it! Its the one on the inner bottom right side like 3 links up! TIA :biggrin:

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  2. i dont think its on mine.
  3. I don't have a vintage jumbo, but a bag that I bought recently that's from 2004 has that problem.
  4. Don't worry it is normal and not at all a defect or a problem :smile: Some vintages were made that way, depending on batch or season. Not only the jumbos, but the smaller sizes as well. And not only vintage, the more recent bags can be made that way too, one example is the '08 pre-fall goatskin patent jumbo flaps all came with this type of connection on the chain strap. I think there were a few threads on this topic previously. Hope that helps! :flowers:
  5. Thanks ladies puts my mind at ease knowing that its normal!
  6. My vintage jumbo doesn't do that but I'm fairly certain I've seen some other styles that do!
  7. I am fairly certain I have seen that on some authentic flaps too. Not to worry! Enjoy you bag!
  8. its where the leather ends, so it needs to be "sealed" thus rolling them back and stitched. normal... have the same on my current flaps and woc.
  9. Completely normal.
  10. Normal, but it would bug me!

  11. Yes, now I know it is normal!:P

    I have a vintage series 3 medium caviar which does not have this and I just came across a vintage series 3 jumbo caviar with such a link. So it is not a defect!

  12. normally it would bug me too but now knowing that there are other bags out there with the same problem does make me feel better and it is also in the back so i cant see it! And i love the bag so i will love it even with its "flaw" :biggrin:
  13. Normal, I have also a jumbo not vintage with this problem
  14. I'm wondering why this is being referred to as a 'problem'? It's not a problem at all. The strap has to begin and end somewhere.
    The other option would be for Chanel to overlap the ends and stitch and/or glue them. And lots of people complain about that.
    To me, it shows quality and great care has been taken to finish the ends professionally and beautifully. I'm always baffled when somebody thinks it's a problem or a flaw. :shrugs:
  15. well in the future i will know its normal but i have never come across it before so i saw it as a "problem/flaw" but i guess i still have alot to learn about Chanel :smile: