Vintage Jumbo Flap strap length differences...vintage chanel experts please come in!

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  1. Has anyone noticed that some vintage large jumbo flaps have longer shoulder straps than others?

    My black lambskin vintage jumbo large has a longer strap than my red caviar vintage jumbo large and was curious if this is common?

    They both have the large CC logo as in the vintage flaps and both are the 12 x 9 large not XL sizes

    The black lambskin one has 31 inches when in double strap so 62 inches if single strap length i guess and approximately 14 inches drop from top of strap to the bag if worn on a shoulder

    The red caviar one has 21 inches when in double strap so 42 inches if single strap length i guess and approximately 9 inches drop from top of strap to the bag if worn on a shoulder

    Would love to hear if anyone else has come across vintage jumbo flaps in L or even XL with varying strap lengths...

    **The red caviar jumbo vintage has the same strap length has my regular medium/large caviar black flap bag bought a couple years ago from Saks.




  2. Wow! Love the red vintage jumbo! I have to keep my eye out for one of these!
    I have an XL jumbo and the strap is longer, like your black one.
    What year are the bags from? Maybe Chanel shortened the straps after a certain year, and the red made the cut?
  3. Well, I am not fortunate enough to own two vintage Chanel flaps, so can't help! It was hard enough to afford the one I have, with the prices sellers are fetching.

    That said, my black one has a long strap like your black one.
  4. All of my vintage jumbos (XL I should say) have the longer straps. I have one that has a short strap but it was shortened by the original owner.

    Love your red ... the length of the straps suit you!
  5. I never noticed the length on the chain straps of the vintage jumbos. I need to check and see if there is a difference with mine (I have a black and a caramel to compare). BTW that red jumbo is stunning ... definitely need to keep a lookout for that one;)
  6. i don't have any vintages.. but I juz can't help but sayign that your red vintage is gorgeous!!
  7. YOUR RED CAVIAR IS MAD !:drool:
  8. [​IMG]

    OH I WANT THIS !!! So beautiful
  9. thanks...yah im thinking the red caviar vintage jumbo may just be a diff collection period than the black lambskin vintage jumbo which may explain the difference in strap lengths

    just odd cos i havent seen another vintage jumbo flap in any color/fabric with the shorter strap length like my red one...

    awww but thanks for your input anyhow Roey!! the vintage have gone up in price for sure!!

    thanks...yah i was debating whether i should even be sad about the shorter straps on the red caviar since it may be easier to wear and overall ppl seem to always be looking to shorten the straps on their jumbos anyways LOL

    yahhh the red vintage flaps seem very hard to come by...i remember when i got this one there was an XL red lambskin but i figured a red caviar large was the best one for i think the vintage large jumbo is as big as i should go hehe

    when you check your strap lengths, please post back!! thanks :smile:

    thanks!!! :smile:

    thanks....the red caviar will get its own introduction thread or be posted somewhere on TPF too...i just had these quick questions that i wanted to ask before hand hehe
  10. thanks...yah just keep searching eBay, seems like your best bet for one of these vintage Chanel jumbo flaps...especially in colors!!
  11. any other vintage jumbo flap owners please share your thoughts :smile:

    hope Nat (beautylicious) and burberryprncess and others can come shed some light on this too :smile:
  12. Dont know about straps, but I am totally loving your red caviar jumbo!
  13. your red jumbo caviar flap is soooooooooo beyond gorgeous!!!! that's the NICEST red flap i've ever seen and the colour is not orange-y!
  14. Ok, here is what you do! Dont shorten it permanently because you never know if you will always want them shortened.

    You simply take a peice of velcro ( I took the one off my laptop cord) and you bring the straps together under the flap and put the vecro on...

    See picture

    Good luck!!:tup:

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  15. thanks...sorry but maybe i was confusing in my original post...

    i didnt need to shorten the straps...i was curious if people had seen vintage jumbo classic flaps with the big CC logo (in the large size in particular, not the XL) with different shoulder strap lengths :smile:

    but thanks for your tip on shortening it with the velcro, def a very nifty idea!!