Vintage jumbo Chanel. Keep or sell! PleAse help!

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  1. ladies and gents,

    I have this vintage Chanel. Should I sell it for $4000 Canadian or keep it? Does anyone know if this bag have good resale value?

    ThAnks so much!

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  2. I feel like 4000 CAD is a good price to sell at, because I've seen those bags for less on the market. But in regards to whether you should keep... That depends on whether or not you love it.

    The vintage Chanel flap bags in the lambskin + gold CC combo seem to have decent resale value, but there's just so many on the market. It's all a matter of personal preference.
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  3. Thank you!
  4. May I ask where you plan to sell it? I have this bag and I love how it looks, the only problem I have is that it is sooooo heavy. I’m debating whether I should sell it too. Why do you want to sell it?
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  5. I have a friend wanting to buy it for 4000.
  6. It’s a lovelt bag.
    I would keep it b but if you’re not going to use it, sell it.
  7. This looks like the "Jumbo XL" rather than than the more popular Vintage Jumbo (12 inches). I've seen these on the re-sale market for around $2800-$3500 depending on condition. Some collectors prefer this over the 12 inch Jumbo so it has a good niche in the Vintage department. Good luck!
  8. I literally just sold mines like two weeks. It sold within, get this...10 minutes of being posted!! But I instantly began having regrets. It was the one and only black bag I had...wound up getting a Chanel Jumbo Classic in black caviar today! Will never sell again...I say keep it!
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