Vintage Jumbo 2.55 and I need some help on finding an authentic one

  1. I am shopping for a vintage ( I believe it belongs to the 90s) jumbo 2.55 in lambskin .. the ssame as nicole's one..

    When I search on eBay today. I found a few variation on the details... and the price range is from 450 -1200..

    What would be a reasonable price for a good condition one?

    and on the CC logo at the front, I found out some has a small dot on the top of left C.. while some has a dot on the top of the right C...

    Same as the back on the CC turn Knob.. which some has "Chanel" "Paris" hortizontially and some has it wrote vertically.. which one is authentic??

    credit: all photo belongs to eBay.
    3185_12.JPG 08132007113.jpg Pictures028.jpg 35ec_12.JPG
  2. many thanks gals!