Vintage Jeune Fille or new South Bank Besace?

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  1. Looking for opinions on the best crossbody. What do you think, old school or new?
  2. Photos always help!
  3. I think the South Bank Besace might be more pactical, but I am just not a huge fan of the look of it. It looks a bit dated to me - reminds me of the bags that my aunts would wear (and that's not a compliment :lol:)

    I like the silhouette of the Jeune Fille a lot more, but it's probably sell practical with the strap belt opening.
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  4. Thank you! Love the Jeune Fille but hard to find one in good condition without too-dark patina.
  5. I Love my Jeune Fille in MM, it’s The perfect crossbody bag for me :heart:

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