Vintage ~Instant Reveal~

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  1. I have not posted in awhile, so hello to my old friends and hopefully new ones :hugs:

    I wanted to share with you my pre-loved vintage find. This bag is called a Sac Flanerie 45 and it is discontinued. Some of my fellow LV lover's have not seen this before, so I thought it might be of particular interest, and something out of the norm. This beauty was made in 1992.

    I am in my 3rd semester in college, after 22 yrs of being out of school! I have a LV backpack but since I am full time this semester, I have more to lug around. I thought this would be perfect for my heavier load days. So here ya go...some purse porn to oogle! :woot::drool:



  2. Wow! That's pretty! It looks like it was never used. How'd you find it?
  3. That is beautiful and hello from a fellow Michigander!
  4. Hi, there. I remember you! From your avitar, not your member name.

    Where have you been? I love your vintage find. Welcome back!
  5. That is beautiful :smile: Congrats
  6. On eBay! I was looking for Keepalls and came across this. Had some fellow members on FB look at it and voila! She's home ;)
  7. Hello back to you! Which part of Mi. are you from? I just moved back from Kalamzoo.

  8. Hey there! I chat mostly on FB groups. The reveals always kept me itching for MORE MORE MORE! LOL

    I did miss chatting here though, will try to stop by more often!
  9. Grand rapids!
  10. I love Grand Rapids! Have you been to the Louis Benton steakhouse?
  11. thanks so much for sharing. I love discovering vintage pieces and learning about them!
  12. Congrats! Nice find ... Love it !
  13. Beautiful! Enjoy it!
  14. Gorgeous bag, amazing condition. Congrats!
  15. nice! I haven't seen a pic of that one before! congrats!