Vintage Hermes Watch anyone??????

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  1. I've been thinking about buying myself a vintage Hermes watch one of these days, most likely via an auction house (not eBay). I'd like a big one....perhaps a nice mens watch.

    So, I'm beginning my research and trying to figure things out.....but my first question is.....

    Does anyone already own a vintage Hermes watch?
  2. Far be it from me to discourage an Hermes quest, shopmom, but if you want a fabulous vintage watch you might want to look at Patek Philippe, Vacheron & Constantin, Jaeger le Coultre, Cartier, etc. IMHO, Hermes isn't noted for the quality of its watches. Having said that, I've got a couple of Hermes medium-sized H-Heure watches, one in SS with diamonds and the other in 18K yellow gold, that I enjoy wearing as fashion watches. But for vintage (pre-battery), I'd go for a quality mechanism.
  3. Ahhhhh.....THIS is good to know, MILLSTREAM! Because even though I'd like a vintage Hermes beauty, I would also want the quality mechanism. I want it one special package!

    I may take a gander at a little something Jaeger or Patek.......
  4. Smart move^^
  5. I agree completely!
    Feel free to pick me up a vintage Men's Rolex while you're at it. :heart:
  6. Yeah - I too would go for something classic and high end. Not to knock Hermes Timepieces, but you know for the investment/history..... I'd want a real classic.
  7. DH has a Vacheron Constantin...SUCH a great watch. The vintage ones are particularly lovely.
  8. :drool::drool::drool:
  9. Definitely take a gandar at Patek. I can't rave enough about that fabulous company and its wonderful craftsmanship!:yes:
  10. ^^^ I totally agree!!!
  11. Isn’t Hermès and vintage watches a non-sequitur because they only started making watches in 1978 exactly when the quartz ‘crisis’ came.

    Actually I’ll change what I say because before 1978, Hermès retailed everyone else’s watches in their stores. If you are talking about this then these things are serious unlike current Hermès toy watches: a Vacheron Constantin (ref. 3234) with perpetual calendar and lunar complication made in 1931 sold in Hermès Saint Honoré will set you back $366,000 (from Antiquorum).

    Admittedly that is the top of the line stuff, you can get an 18k solid gold 1950s Jaeger-LeCoultre Duo-plan bracelet with a stirrup concealing the dial – probably Hermès specific design making it less expensive than the normal ones – for only about late $5,000 (my former colleague had one as her ‘beater’ watch and it was holding firm even though she did really beat it).

    But if you are keen on men’s watches, find an antimagnetic (just in case you are near your washing machine which emits a magnetic field due to its spinning rotor, LOL) mono-ratrapante chronograph made by Universal Genève in the 1930s with the word Hermès on the dial. I’ve been told this one is only about $16,000. Put it this way, the Swiss guy who runs the Hermès watch operation in Asia Pacific wears one of these which sort of tells you about the ‘jouet’ nature of the post-1978 watches. BTW, I am being serious (v. unusual for me :upsidedown:) when I say only $16,000 because the finish on any vaguely decent vintage rivals current really high grade stuff and a similar ratrapante (i.e. split seconds chronograph) right now from Patek (ref. 5959) will cost you $400,000!

    P.S. You will not get a big men's watch with Patek. OK there is the 5070 which is 42mm but most of them are still in 35-38mm range.
  12. I have a vintage Hermes men's watch, c. 1945. I love it-picked it up on eBay some time ago, and took it to an antique watch dealer who really, really wanted to buy it from me-I don't know much about it-I love vintage men's watches and highly rec. Movado, mid 20th century pieces. I don't know who made my old Hermes-but consider some of the modern men's Hermes-they have a lovely, vintage look.
  13. Thank you everyone! I think the thing I like is the vintage look of some of these beauties from the '40's.....I WOULD like the thing to keep accurate time as well!!! LOL!!!! ANd I'm not in the position to spend a fortune so.....I think when the time is right, the right watch will be there for me. Until then, I'll look around and keep my eyes peeled. You never know!
  14. While you're looking, remember that vintage requires a lot more maintenance. If it were for me, I'd get a newer Cartier, Vacheron or Patek, because their styles have that "look" even though they are new. Many are mechanical, also if that's what you really want. And I can't wait to see what Shopmom finally decides on!
  15. Ok, then I would like to retract my suggestion of the Patek. Out of all the brands listed, they have the most expensive maintenance. :sweatdrop:

    The last time I heard of a Patek from that era (or earlier - I forgot) being maintenanced, the quoted wait was 3 years. It was a complication of some sort.

    I guess it is truly a generational brand.:girlsigh: