Vintage Hermes Pictures

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  1. OK girls here's the pictures. My friend said it's from the 1960s so there's no datecode. There's some minor wear on the edges which I'm kind of iffy about since I'm anal about bags lol. She is going to bring it to get it cleaned. What do you all think?

    I think it looks like the stiffer leather but I'm going to confirm with her.





  2. Can anyone tell me if this appears authentic? Reason being there are some LV auctions ending tonight that I'll bid on if it isn't lol. And I don't want to miss out!

    I have no idea about authenticating Hermes so can someone help me? Thanks!
  3. I'm not an expert in vintage bags but I see nothing here that would lead me to believe it's not authentic. I would pay $1500 for this bag. Hermes will polish it up nicely. The vintage box leather bags have such a gorgeous patina! This one has the brass HW and, IMO, is a better buy than an LV, which you can get any time. :smile:
  4. I can't see these pics? (disappointed!)
  5. Hermes will not touch a bag that is not authentic so there's your answer right there. Keep the "before" pics so we can compare with "after".

    And...all sorts of LV's will still be there...
  6. Agree with everybody else. Hermes will clean it up nicely!
  7. I was looking at other Hermes and it seems there's a piece that holds the key that hangs in front of the bag. This one doesn't have it?

    If anyone can help me authenticate it for sure that'd be great. Thanks for everyone that's helped so far! I really want to get this especially since I read that Hermes really can make this one shine with a cleaning :smile:
  8. Yes, this bag is missing the clochette. The clochettes are delicate and I'm not surprised that it's still not around. Again, my vote is real on this bag. :smile:
  9. So does it look ridiculous without the clochette? Would that be very expensive to replace? It's missing both that and the shoulderstrap :sad: Is it still worth the $1350 in the current condition? Also does this bag look to be the softer souple leather?

    Thanks Greentea! You are so helpful.
  10. oops Greentea I just read some posts on the Hermes board and think I get it now. I think this bag is box rigid leather. Does this mean it's a lot more rigid in structure, less flexible, more formal? Is it more dressy than casual basically? If I don't dress up much will this style Kelly still be ok? I want to wear whatever Kelly I get with most everything....thanks!
  11. Hey Twinklette, it would not look ridiculous w/o the clochette but you can often find these on ebay. Call Hermes and see how much a replacement would be. It's not missing a shoulderstrap. It never came with one and doesn't have the little piece that the strap would attach to. I would not put a strap on this bag, you could damage it. It's totally worth $1350. New this bag is almost 7K.
    The bag is a rigide style (see the outside stitching on the side panals) but the leather has softened A LOT so that the front looks a lot like a souple Kelly.
  12. Whoops, you posted before me. Here's my opinion on this bag. It's "vintage cool!" You could wear it with jeans and a simple white tank or tee and look incredible. Throw a H Twilly around your neck for an even more faboo look! That is the great thing about the classic box Kelly bag. It's casual when you need it to be and one of the most beautiful evening accessories when you need a dressy look.
    If this were my bag, I'd wear it with anything, (well, maybe not shorts and a tee- hehe)
  13. wow, really that much new???? Great, I will hunt ebay for a clochette. and thanks about the shoulderstrap, there isn't one. That makes sense (can you tell how much I know lol).

    You explained so much, can't thank you enough! Do you think that Hermes can make this bag look really nice - I read they can work wonders.

    thanks for everything! At least I have before and after pictures. She sent me pictures of the stamps inside too - should I post pictures of that or have you seen enough to authenticate you think? She said she'd provide whatever I needed.

    hahah at your above post! Shorts and a tee I'll use my LV with :smile: Now I need to get myself a twilly!

    As for vintage Kelly does it differ much from the newer ones and how? Just curious.
  14. Twinklette, the Kelly in the pics looks like a rigid style in box calf leather, which is an Hermes classic! It seems authentic but the leather piece on the zipper pull of the pocket inside the bag looks funny... so I'm not quite sure of the authenticity.

    I noticed that the handles is in pretty bad shape ( at where it attaches to the rings) so that might need to be replaced. My guess is replacement of the Kelly handle will cost quite a bit. But if the "vintage used bag" look is what you're after, you can consider getting the bag & leave the handle as it is.

    At your request, Hermes can also make you a new clochette and give you a new set of gold-plated lock & keys. All these will cost $$$. So it all depends on what you want Hermes to do. My take is that if you want Hermes to do a complete overhaul on this bag, you might need to spend quite a bit...maybe US$500 or more.

    Personally I would not pay her asking price for this bag but will pay a bit more for something in better condition. Hope this helps! :amuse:
  15. Twinkette, Gigi brought up some interesting points - I didn't know it could be $500 to overhaul the bag. I still think it's authentic. My friend has a Rouge H box calf vintage Kelly in superb condition. I can ask her about how the inside zipper pull should look later today.