Vintage Hermes Kelly! Ltd Edt?

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  1. Hello,

    I have a question concerning this particular Kelly Model.

    Any idea when it was made and it if has a particular name?

    Any idea of the price? Do you know if this is an authentic Kelly?

    Here are the links to the images:

    Thank you!!

  2. Hi Dia!
    That's what's called a TriColor Kelly, it's an older bag and fairly collectible on several levels. First, it's a tricolor, which means it was a special order when it was made. Second, it's in Box leather, which is increasingly hard to get these days. Third, it includes a few of the most popular Hermes colors--Rouge H (the dark red), tan/gold, and what appears to be rouge vif (the brighter red).
    That's a nice find.
  3. CynthiaNYC: Thank you so much for your fast help!

    Any idea on the price....? I would like to buy it, but i do not know how much to "invest" exactly...

    Also, the size is 13 inches long...i suppose it's a regular 32cm Kelly, is it the regular Kelly?

  4. Make sure that the seller shows you some pics of what the bag looks like inside.
  5. Dia, just so you know, the one I was referring to is bright orange (cool) BRIGHT green (?!) and yellow, with GHW and a missing shoulder strap.
    It's nowhere near as subtle, elegant or neutral as the one you posted--which was lovely, and I am sorry to hear that you didn't grab it. That yellow/green/orange one was priced at $4700 in a consignment store if that gives you any ideas for pricing in the future. The one I was pondering is Clemence, though, which is a little less expensive (or I guess I should say valuable/valued by collectors) than Box which is what the Kelly you posted was made from.

    And just so everyone knows, I would never snake a bag out from under someone who posted it here asking about it! Not only is that not nice, but it would become blatantly obvious really quickly I would think.
  6. oh, C, i sure hope nobody accused you of that. i've been watching that bag too, and the listing just got pulled for some reason and doesn't show up as active or ended anymore.
  7. my stars, its just like VBs! Almost!
    But she has had that one for a while.....

  8. the VB tricolor is gorgeous!
  9. Nope, no one accused me of anything DQ ;) I just wanted to make sure that I said it. That is odd that the listing disappeared--someone must have reported it as a fake, which I personally don't think that it is.

    Oooh VB's bag really is a stunner. I actually think I prefer the more prevalent Rouge H on hers, by just a bit.
  10. If that auction disappeared it can only be because of two reasons:

    1. Someone made her an offer she could not refuse :smile:)
    2. She was listing an item she did not have, "recycled" photos and she got busted.
  11. Yep! But even if she ended the item early, it would not totally disappear off the face of the earth--it would still show up as "seller ended early".
    So, I guess that leaves only one type of possible answer. Which is a shame.
  12. ^^^ Sometimes items get pulled by eBay for the most bizzare reasons (it doesn't have to be authenticity). I had a JPG Birkin for sale and the auction terms stated that I will only accept PP e-cheque as a form of payment. eBay suspended (same thing - the item didn't show up in the completed listings, etc.) my listing because I "violated eBay/PP rules by not accepting ALL forms of PP payment".:rant: So, who knows ... :shrugs:
  13. Ahh that's a good point too. And sellers can't charge PayPal fees to buyers even though I see a right lot of them trying to get away with it.
  14. Wow it is lovely.
  15. ^^This is slightly off-topic but having an auction being pulled does not necessarily mean that the item is fake. There are a lot of "irrational things" going on on eBay. I've had the misfortune of having most (about 6) of my auctions pulled the other week because according to eBay, I "violated" their payment policy by requesting for "wire transfer only" payments even though their policy explicitly states that I can request for "bank-to-bank transfers otherwise known as wire transfers." Meanwhile, listings of fake bags abound... Oh well!:cursing: