Vintage Hermes.. does anyone recognized what style they are?

  1. I have 2 vintage Hermes that i received from my Grandma some time ago .When i got them i sent them to Hermes for a spa treatment- they did a great job:tup:. I was wondering if anyone can help me identify what style they are? thanks!
    Vintage B1.JPG vintage B2.JPG vintage Br1.JPG
  2. I have no idea but just wanted to say those are GORGEOUS!!!:heart:
  3. yes they are!
  4. lovely! the one on the left is the 'piano bag'

  5. my mom told me too it might be the piano bag she just was not sure . Thanks for the confirmation!
  6. Gorgeous both of them!
  7. Thanks ... Unfortunately i have not been able to use them often especially having a 2 yr. old. I really love the :heart: piano style it fits a lot since the depth expand and it has 3 divided sections.
    Will play dress up tomorrow and post pics in the action thread.
  8. oops...didn't see DQ's earlier post.
  9. Gorgeous vintage bags!!
  10. Lovely bags

    I Have seen the other bag a few times but for the life of me I cant remember its name
    but I will go and look that up and post again
  11. What beautiful bags! They appear to be in gorgeous condition as well.
  12. Wow! They are fab!
  13. It was looking a little moldy when i first got them :sad: but i sent them for a hermes spa treatment and viola good as new:okay:
  14. The one on the right should be the Sandrine.....
  15. ^^^Yep.