vintage hermes boutique?

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  1. i'm in the dumps because of vlad's thread, so let's talk about something fun. :yes:

    just hypothetically, of course, as shopmom is wont to say. but what would you think about a shop dedicated to vintage hermes goods? not so much "pre-owned," but truly vintage or out of production -- think of shopmom's collection from LZ. and not a general vintage shop with a lot of hermes, like decades for example -- just hermes (with the occasional exception to the rule).

    i often find myself wishing there were something like this -- preferable with a website. oh, and a lay-away policy!
  2. I would love that!
  3. DQ, I'm so glad to see a happy thread ! still can't get over the shock from Vlad's message.....
    Here's one I'd like to share..they offer payment plans :graucho: !
  4. DQ ~ You Were Reading My Mind...Or My Post ~ Just Being Silly!

    We Can't Buy Vintage Hermes From Hermes.......

    Sounds Like A Dream Come True!!!!
  5. LoveThatThing- Great site, thanks for posting it!
  6. Good! Maybe I can finally decide what to order.
  7. That would be wonderful! :yes:
    Payment plans and layaway would be oh so FAB!

    Or maybe they could have their own boutique credit card where you could get points or money back after spending so much. :supacool:
  8. What a great idea!
  9. Hmmmm do I see a second career in the making, DQ? You'd have me as a customer!
  10. I think she'd like to ban me!!!!
  11. :confused1: i'm having a particularly dense day -- why ever would i want to ban your charming, wonderful self from my hypothetical vintage h shop?
  12. Hi girls - nice to be online at the same time, even though in different timezones! Here's a website for vintage H - tho' it sells vintage Chanel too. The shop is on rue Guisarde in the 6th arr. in Paris. The site is disappointing, but the shop is full of vintage H bags, many in very good nick. I'll be in Paris this week - hear there are loads of birkins at d mo. I'll let you girls know....Sophie - I have a birkin and bearn in vert anis, and you are right - it is a lovely spring colour. Les 3 marches de Catherine B - Contact
  13. I think I've been to that shop, marches de catherine. If it is the same one, I was astonished how many beautiful Chanel vintage suits they had. I'd never seen so many in one place before in my life. I also saw a couple Kelly bags, but this was before I was collecting H. J'adore, now you're making me drool! I'm so dying to have VA. I'm taking it slow, though.
  14. Sorry - the birkins have been plentiful at the motherstore last week and this week. I won't know about the vintage H until I get to Paris.
  15. I was just joking...........................:smash: