vintage hermes belt - help needed

  1. my husband got me this vintage belt off ebay - the seller said it dated from 20s or 30s and although it needs work would be interested to see if anyone has seen a similar one - it is brown suede lined in leather. inside in gold letters it says HERMES then underneath 24 F d St Honore PARIS then undeneath DEPOSE. ( i have tried to photo this but my camera isn't good). the buckles are silver and seem to be authentic, inside one is stamped HERMES PARIS and inside another E what looks like an & or 8 and H. the small straps linking the central studded piece to the rest of the belt seem to have been added on later either to replace previous wear or make the belt longer - originally i imagine the central studded piece and straps going through the buckles were all one piece. any help appreciated.
    ebay 143.jpg
  2. Sorry, I don't know about vintage leather goods. It looks really cool, though!
  3. I have spent so many hours today reading and searching for clues on how to ask a simple little question...Where can I have a 1944 Hermes belt named 3052 appraised. I have a letter from the Hermes Paris historian that explains it's history. I live in Phoenix Arizona. Sorry to butt in, but I'm tired and I need to move on...
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  4. If you take them to the store they can look them up in their books
  5. Very interesting belts and so different from what you see today.
  6. I don't have a store in Phoenix, but I sent it to Dallas and they took pictures of it and sent it to the historian in Paris. She identified it as 3052, and wrote back a little info on it. It was made in 1944 and sold in Paris for "waspwaisted" women of that day. She did not give me any idea of the value. Who might do that for me. I have several people interested in buying it, but they want to know how much I want for it. I would like to at least get an idea.
  7. There are a number of auction houses and such online. You may be able to try them. Expect that there will be a cost, and they will want lots of pictures at the very least. I believe Sotheby's will do "auction estimates" by email. They did a long time ago, anyway.

    I'm VERY surprised that any luxury goods were being manufactured in Paris in 1944. I learned something new today! And the term "waspwaisted" -- again, unusual IMHO to hear it applied to that era.
  8. i collect hermes and vintage hermes is my little most grandest love of my collection i have a simmilar looking piece except its from 1954 i wear many belts and to tell the truth they look a like and i think you may have a very special piece if you really want to know bring it in to global store like new york or paris it fantastic enjoy it and do remember hermes is for ever darling show it off many gongratulations on the most interesting piece i have seen in quiete some time !!.
  9. It's a beautiful item, not sure i'd want to sell it though !