Vintage Hermès bags auction sales in June

  1. I have just find this link. The catalogue of the sale is not complete, I guess they will add others bags (as it is in preparation) and their estimations. At the moment, 2 gorgeous croc birkin and kelly. Enjoy:smile:

    Click on the bag and turn the pages:
  2. thanks milloo!
  3. that grey bag is insane! I have been waiting for a while for them to add more pics, if this is any indication, the sale will be incredible!
  4. Update: The catalogue is now online ( 316 pages:rolleyes:)
  5. the gray croc is TDF!

    I should have studied French more!
  6. Omg, I must win the lottery immediately ! What great fun it was looking at the catalog.

    Thank you, how ever did you find it ?
  7. :crybaby:Me Too!:drool:
    When/ where is this auction? :confused1:
  8. I could spend HOURS lusting over every item in that thing!
  9. oh la la! Some wonderful things to be had there!
    Must make mental note to go next year...
  10. That's a neat catalogue!!
  11. It is in Paris on June 4th and 5th
  12. I went to the expo today and there are some GORGEOUS pieces...
    I will go to the auction on Monday