vintage heaven/hell

  1. im not sure if this should go here or in the general discussion area so sorry in advance.

    a few weeks ago i started an internship at a museum. it turned out that i couldnt work in the department i had wanted to work in and got put in the textiles department. for the first few weeks all i did was sort out slides and i hated it.:hysteric:

    today was incredible!!!!!!!!!!
    i am a huge vintage fan and last week the curator commented on a skirt i was wearing and when i told her it was vintage she said she had something special planned for me today.
    when i arrived she took me into the archive rooms and let me play with the collections (the less delicte stuff anyway)
    i was in heaven but OMG did i just want to run from the place with arms full of clothes and hats and shoes and bags and everything else i could lay my hands on.:graucho:
  2. sounds like fun!