VINTAGE H's all good inside!

  1. I may not be a PF oldie, but does it count if age-wise I'm feeling older than dirt???
  2. CG - you're only as old as the bags you feel - so get shopping! ;)
  3. Ohhh... am I too new to join in? I'm a new old-stock, though.
    ... and can I have it shaken, not stirred...?
  4. Handybag, sadly, the "old bag" I feel the most is the same age as I am. :nuts:
  5. Then more martinis CG... you know just for lubrication! :drinkup:

    You too mezzo :drinkup:
  6. That's me - vintage! Hi, girlies!! So nice to see everyone. Muah to you, KB!!
  7. Ninja!!!!!!!! :nuts:

    Happy New Year! Let's see if I remember. French Champage for you of course.... but which one..... :thinking:
  8. How are you, dear Handybags? Let's pop some Champagne! How about some Billecart Salmon rose? :yahoo:
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    Billecart Salmon!
  10. You are sooooo good, HB! Muah!!
  11. Oops we crossed and I can't spell when over excited.

    All is well Ninja, thanks for asking. Busy and very happy to see you. :winkiss:
  12. How wonderful a thread -- thanks.
  13. <takes off coat> I got a few provisions.......making a quick run back anybody need anything else?
  14. mixed nuts?
  15. This is awesome! Hey everyone!