VINTAGE H's all good inside!

  1. Just popping in to wave "Hi!" and wish I could stay to chat. So neat to see so many names here that I hadn't seen in AGES. Howz' everyone?!
  2. Stopped by in here for happy hour...where is everybody?
  3. Just stopped by to say "hello" ;):biggrin:

    Haven't been on the forum as much as I used to... As the kids get older life just seems to get busier&busier.
  4. I've not visited the forum in quite some time and I've enjoyed doing a bit of "catch-up" while sipping my coffee this morning. Best wishes for a lovely holiday weekend!
  5. hi everyone. Forum is not quite how it used to be. missed the old days. nice 'seeing' you all here.
  6. :ghi5:
  7. seldom here.

    man, my bottom does get bigger as i get older. even though i lost weight.

    just sayin' :p:p
  8. *breaks mirror*
  9. loves - LOL, I'll send you contacts so you can only see everything from the waist up

    Hi peeps!
  10. :sad:
  11. Be one with the hamster(on the hamster treadmill)

  12. Oh treadmill... Deserves two unsmilies :sad: :sad:
  13. Hi, I am new here and I just bought a Hermes scarf in a thrift shop. I was wondering how I go about finding out if it's real. Thanks in advance for any replies :smile:
  14. I agree, I too, miss the old days! We had so much fun:p
    Take pictures of it (read the first post of the authenticate this scarf thread) and post them there with all the info.
  15. knock, knock. Anyone been here lately to pick up the thread?