VINTAGE H's all good inside!

  1. Welcome Hermes "old timers"! :welcome2:

    Were you here in the early days of the forum? It's time for an H fall back!!!

    So, here's a place to reconnect with old friends - - - and even make some new ones. :okay:
  2. Wow - a great idea! Back before the "Ode to..." threads, when every poster knew your name :girlsigh: Count me in!
  3. Woo-hoo! Hoping to see some old friends!
  4. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    So glad so many of the oldies are back!!! And welcome to my new friends I can't wait to meet!!!!
  5. I am glad you all are here!!!^^

    Have fun, enjoy and I am sure it will be a great place to chat.
  6. I'm in too:yahoo: Bring along your whips, Barenia thongs, Martini's, kangaroo hats, knee pads....the lot!
  7. :ghi5::ghi5::ghi5:
  8. and olives for s'mom's martinis lol!!! I'm here....
  9. Bueller, Bueller....
  10. WOW!! What a wonderful thing to do for us!!! Thank you so much!!
  11. Kallie - your avatar slays me every time. Lord, that is a gorgeous color!
  12. That was very nice of you to say!^^

    Hey Greentea;)
  13. :love:^ hey back KB
  14. I'm counting myself as vintage since I'm over 40.
  15. i'm thinking i'm vintage, but a quiet vintage......