Vintage Gucci

  1. Hi, I am fairly new to tPF, and have been a bit *ducking* LV obssesed the last few years, so I 'hang' out at the LV board more..

    But am so exited...had to share here....I just got off the phone with my mom...I have been hinting for years she should give me her vintage Gucci's, as she never uses them anymore. But she always ignored me. Finally, about a month ago she said, maybe I should get rid of them...I just don't use I was having a long talk with her today, and said, "so are you still thing of getting rid of your Gucci's?" "Why, do you want them?"...:roflmfao: (thinking to myself...nooo! I've only been asking for them for about 2 years!!), I said, "yeah, I am cleaning out my armoir and I really don't have alot of Gucci..." Without hesitation, she says, "OK, I will pack them up and ship them to you" :yahoo:

    I know she has the classic brown and navy 'dr' bags. But she also has the colored ones they only did for a year or so in the mid to late 80's...yellow, red, and green...I think she has a black and a white too!

    :yahoo: :wlae: So 6 or 7 new (to me) bags on their way me!!!
  2. What A Collection (I Love Vintage Gucci!)!!! That Is So Sweet Of Your Mom ~ Enjoy! & I Can't Wait To Hear More!!!!!!!
  3. Lucky you! Post pics when you get it!
  4. awsome...I love vintage guccis please post pic when you get them!! I have couple myself and I would love to have more! =)
  5. I always love GUCCI, especially Vintage :yes:
    Dont forget to show your pics of vintage family when you get them!