Vintage Gucci Tennis Racket Cover

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  1. #1 Feb 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 23, 2010
    Hello everyone,

    I recently found my mom's old tennis racket cover from the 70s. Unfortunately she passed away and I can't get any info about it online. Does anyone know anything about this piece? I posted it on ebay in order to obtain some offers as a starting point, because I have no idea whats its worth or what the specific name is. Can anyone help me out on this piece, i'm totally lost. Here is the link*** not allowed to post own eBay links!!*****

    Thanks guys!
  2. [​IMG]

    Sorry here is the picture of the item.
  3. Here is another picture with the gold stamp that reads "Made in Italy by Gucci." It may have been bought prior to the 1970s

  4. This is a picture of the back of the racket, along with the tennis racket that my mom used to put in the case.

  5. If it's '70s - its early '70s
  6. Its really amazing!!! You should keep it!
  7. I agree with :sunshine:!

    How fab would that look on your way to tennis? :rolleyes:
  8. Yeah, its a nice piece. I'm a male though and I'm not sure I'd get a lot of respect on the court if I showed up with a vintage gucci case.
  9. they only way u wouldn't get respect is if u showed up without a gucci duffle. keep it and get the duffle to match. lol
  10. Oh Wow. Sorry about your Mom. Such nice pieces. I would definately keep them. Pass on to female family member.
  11. Awwwww. KEep it!!!!! It was you mothers!!!!!! Give to daughter????
  12. It is really quite stunning and a wonderful keepsake from your mom...

    Keep it...
  13. Hello there! Do you still have this gorgeous tennis racquet cover? I am a collector and would be curious about it. Thanks.
  14. I have a tote I am getting ready to sell - It has been sitting on a shelf in my closet - where should I sell it

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  15. Tradesy has a few vintage LV and Gucci racket covers. Check out their listing's. You can kinda get a price point on what's fair before you list it for sale. Hope that helps. Good luck, it's a beautiful piece.