Vintage Gucci on

  1. :yahoo: Ladies & Gents, this is truly AWESOME! :yahoo:

    I was sitting here this afternoon, checking my email, when I got mail from YOOX about their "Tribute to Gucci". Curious, I clicked on the link, and ended up buying a vintage pochette circa 1969. It was the only one!

    The best part? The price. It was only $395 US + $25 US shipping, and NO duties!


    I'm going to give it to my mom for my parents' upcoming anniversary (on the 25th).

    Now I just have to figure out what to get for my dad!

    :yahoo: YEAH! I'm SO excited! What a great deal! :yahoo:
    vintage Gucci on Yoox watermarked.JPG vintage Gucci on Yoox 02 watermarked.JPG
  2. congrats. i was on da site today but didnt find much listed of any vintage gucci handbags.
  3. thanks, Kitty!

    if you go to, look at the right hand column; you'll see a link that says Tribute to Gucci. that's where they've listed all the vintage bags.

    have fun! : )