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  1. Hey, I bought a vintage Gucci handbag and I have never seen hardware like what is on the purse. I have been looking everywhere for information on vintage Gucci bags and have really found nothing on the hardware. I am posting a link to the ebay page that has the pictures of the bag. If anyone knows anything about this style, when the bag may have been made, if it is real or fake, and if they have ever seen " Gucci" written like this on a bag, that would be great.

    Thanks, any help is appreciated,


  2. I've seen Gucci plates like that and that bag looks authentic to me. I have a vintage Gucci with the same zipper pull as this one.
  3. Looks authentic to me, if a bit "well loved". I have a bag in my closet that has that unusual Gucci script logo or very similar. The tab and pull also are authentic.
  4. Please post all authenticity questions in AUTH THIS
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.