Vintage Gucci Doctor Bags!

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  1. Hey guys, this is my first post, so be gentle. :yes:

    Anyway, I just wondering if any of you girls own a vintage gucci doctor bag? I've been scouring eBay for the past hour & I've fallen in LOVE/LUST. So, if any of you ladies do own one, my questions are:

    #1 Where did you get it/how much did you pay for it?


    #2 How can you tell real from counterfeit?

    & lastly,

    Post pictures if you can. :smile:

  2. :wlae:Welcome! :wlae:

    but I don't have any vintage bag... :smile: ... I like to browse on eBay for them.
  3. I buy most of my vintage Gucci bags at local thrift store and swap meets in my area. Two week ago I found a vintage white gucci for about $3.00 I nearly died when I opened it up and it was real. Check out your locate thrift stores and vintage shops. Hope this helps you.
  4. $3.00 :nuts: Oh my! Congrats on this great find!
  5. Here is my vintage gucci doctor:

  6. [​IMG]
  7. Selena, I love your bag! Wow, I really want one now!
  8. Selena...I'm so jealous of your bags! Gorgeous!

    I've been checking out eBay, but I want to be 100% sure they're authentic & I also want them to be in good condition. Ugh...I'll keep searching.
  9. Lizzie, just be patient! I am sure the right one will come your way. The PF is the best place to be sure of what your getting, its such a good community, it will help guide you!
  10. ^^ Love your Gucci! That pattern will never go out of style!

    What's up with the avatar girl? LOL!
  11. I looooove vintage doctor bags! My grandma has a friend that owns one, and everytime that friend comes over, I just fall over myself drooling because of her bag. (I also think it's so cool that an almost 90 year old woman has such a great sense of style!)

    Edit: My grandma's friend's bag is the same one as the navy bag Selena posted.
  12. What?!!:wtf:...I can't believe it!...never though of that. Good deal.
  13. I Love them also, however I live in the middle of nowhere. Meaning no big city and more likey to find a vintage Kmart bag than anything else! Good luck to you in your search!!!
  14. I got mine off of ebay a couple of years Mom also had one and passed it on to me. I occasionally see them around in resale stores, but it's sometimes hard to find them in really good condition. I love the look of the vintage G''s a super classic look!

  15. I know a reputable ebay seller who sells vintage bags and 100% authentic Gucci only. I don't think I'm allowed to post ebay ID on here but if you PM me, I can tell you what her ebay ID is. I just scored an awesome Vintage Jackie-O from her.