Vintage Gucci: Damaged lining

  1. Has anyone here who owns a vintage handbag ever had a problem with the lining becoming damaged over years of storage? This was one of my first designer handbag purchases (way back in 1990!) I stored it in my closet many years ago (with tissue inside the bag.) I recently took it out and when I removed the tissue, the lining peeled off! Some of it came off onto the tissue paper. Another weird thing is the lining is also gummy or sticky. Is it possible to replace the lining of a handbag? Has this ever happened to any of your bags? Here is a pic of the bag and the lining..
    gucci.JPG gucci2.JPG
  2. I think it's a common problem for vintage gucci bags. I just recently bought one (a doctor's bag) on eBay and the leather lining was scraped off because it was already peeling. I checked on other auctions and many of them has peeling or scraped leather linings.
  3. I have a vintage Gucci clutch that is immaculate on the outside, but the interior lining is not holding up as well. I thought about selling the clutch, but worried that I wouldn't be able to get a good return on it because of the interior.
  4. yeah some Gucci's are made really cheaply. =(
    It can definitely be fixed, though I don't know how much Sorry I'm no help.
  5. Older LVs had this problem as well, here is a portion of an article you might find helpful:

    Pocket Lining (yes, THAT problem)

    It is no exaggeration to say that every Louis Vuitton owner in Japan has experienced a "rotten" pocket lining. Not the cross-grain leather lining, but the smooth lining used for pockets. It is NOT genuine leather but synthetic! Damaged pocket linings are described as "melted", "sticky", "peeling", or "flaking". This is caused by the humidity. The moisture in the air is retained inside the pocket lining where it does not vent (naturally). The water "rots" while being retained in the material, and this causes the stickiness. Then the water evaporates as the weather dries, and that causes the peeling and flaking. In the worst case, both front & back of the pocket linings are this synthetic leather (like inside pockets), and the pocket ends up being shut as the material melts and dries like glue. Nothing you can do but have them replaced by Louis Vuitton (expensive). You really need to air & air & air the pockets, especially in storage, to avoid this problem.
    Louis Vuitton changed the material a couple of years ago to supposedly take care of this problem for their new productions, since they ended up having to face tons of VERY UNHAPPY Japanese, who had the lining replaced one year and have to do it again the next year. They tested this new synthetic material in South Asia where the weather is extremely hot and humid. It seems to have been improved, but even this new synthetic lining isn't problem free. I've had reports that it still rots in Japan.
    Taken from HisRemnant​
  6. I never had a problem with the lining but I made a post about dry rotting not too long ago. I'm sure thats what happened to your bag.