Vintage Goyard luggage trunk

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  1. Hello!

    What can you tell me about vintage Goyard trunks? I'm not very knowledgable about Goyard, but I've always know their classic pattern so I got very excited when I found a large vintage Goyard trunk for only 200 dollars! (Later when I got home, I saw the prices they for for on eBay and was shocked!) The old man I bought it from didn't know about Goyard and told me it belonged to his uncle who emigrated to America "before the war" (first or second WW, I suppose). It's a beautiful trunk, and it looks very, very old. When did they start making these, does anyone know?
  2. Do you have a pic?Goyard started making trunks in 1853 way before they made hand bags/purses etc. Without any further details its difficult to identify roughly when yours was made. If you did pick it up for $200 then you're exceptionally lucky. A typical full size vintage Goyard trunk can be bought in London/ Paris for around €10,000-€18,000 depending on the condition etc. The smaller trunks will be less circa several thousand, again without any further details e.g condition/ pattern/ size I can't be accurate.
  3. Yes-please post pics!!!
  4. I would love to see this - please post pics!
  5. What a steal! Please post pics!
  6. I forgot all about this thread, I didn't get any notifications that people answered, but here are the pics finally!

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  7. Thanks for answering, I just posted pictures if you'd like to take a look at them!
  8. Very nice!If you paid $200 for this then you've probably had the best ever deal on this forum!!

    This would be described as the Goyard oversize Courrier trunk.Looking at it I would say this is pre 1940s, I am guessing circa 1920s. The condition looks reasonable given its age. The brass fittings look are in good condition and the canvas goyardine has aged well. You dont have full pictures of the back and bottom nor any pictures of the interior so i am making some further assumptions on the conditions and if there are trays or not inside.

    There is the option of getting Goyard to give it a clean and manicure the wood/ leather/ metal parts if you wish to spruce it up but thats just a personal choice.As it stands you have a very nice trunk that would make a perfect coffee table.

    Price wise, in US$ if you sold this to a dealer you shouldnt accept anything less than $13,000-$15,000. If you sold it to a private collector or sell this at one of the famous auction houses e.g. Christies or Sotheby's (and of course depending on luck of the day/ location)you should expect more. Therefore if you wish to insure it for replacement value against fire etc put it at $20,000 as getting a replacement for this will not be easy.

    Enjoy the trunk!
  9. Thank you so much for your very knowledgable answer! I can't believe I got this trunk for 200 dollars. I knew it was worth a bit more, but not that much! Wow!
    The dating seems right with the previous owner stating his uncle got it pre-war (WW II). There are no trays inside and it's not perfect condition inside, but the rest is fairly good condition!

    Unfortunately there is no Goyard in my country that I can take it to get it cleaned. I'm considering reselling it, can you recommend where I could do this? What kind of dealer? Or would an auction house be my best option?

    Once again, thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge and helping me with my questions :smile:
  10. You're welcome.Clearly you got lucky that day when you spotted this trunk, you have a good eye,good on you!
    I think there was a case in CA back in 2008 where someone bought a Goyard trunk at a garage sale for $20 and it went for $20,000 at auction!It made the press.

    I see, if you wish to get it cleaned, you can contact Goyard in Paris and discuss with them the options. When i bought my vintage trunk a few months ago (I wasn't as lucky as you and unfortunately paid top dollar) I did speak to them. For cleaning they were charging €600 but it would take up to 3 months. My trunk is in a top notch condition so there was very little to do. I think your trunk would require a bit more work. I would suggest you take a few more pictures and send it to them once you discuss on the phone in the first instance. They could give you a quote, however they will reserve the right to amend this upon physical examination of your trunk.

    I dont know where you're based but may be you can contact a local shipping firm and get quotes on the cost of shipping the trunk to Paris.You will then have to pay shipping cost for the trunk to be sent back to you.I think the shipping cost will be more than cost of the cleaning.

    If you do decide to sell it at a later date, then your best bet is to contact the auction houses in London, Paris and New York, you will have a better chance of selling it for a good price. If you're in a hurry to sell then you should contact some of the dealers in vintage trunks.

    I dont know the rules on this forum and dont want us to break any so I will continue the discussion in PM.

  11. I think it might be the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on!!!
  12. Thanks! That's so nice of you to say! :smile: :smile:
  13. Wow! You are incredibly lucky if you got that for $200.
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    I, too, found a vintage Goyard trunk...for $95. Found it just two days ago, sitting in a run-of-the-mill antique shop. I am still absolutely stunned. It's actually more of a wardrobe than it is a trunk (it has drawers and stands upright.) It's in great condition, but seems to be newer than the one lumy_ got.
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    Amazing! :biggrin: Congrats! I just got the same feeling reading your blog post as I did when I found mine. Yours is beauuutiful, I love the monogram! Are you planning to keep yours? I've kept mine, I thought about reselling it (very tempting) but I also love the idea of having such a special item!!
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