Vintage goodies I found in my Grandmothers Dresser

  1. I remember when she got the TV guide....I was in 7th grade. She just thought it was the "cutest darn thing" She used it everyday...kind of fun to look at now. Good memories.
  2. HHahha....that IS for TV guide...fancy Schmancy...:biggrin:
  3. What great finds!
  4. wow that is one posh tv guide! :biggrin:
  5. Cute! I really miss those Gucci's that had the coated Canvas.

  6. Cool!!!!!!!! Lucky girl :biggrin:
  7. I will not use either item...but will keep it as it was Nana's...she is still alive...but has Alzimers (sp) she doesnt know any of us anymore. :sad:
  8. I am so sorry to hear that. One of my grandmother's had that problem, I felt I lost her way too soon!
  9. Aww sorry to hear about your Nana. It's a sad disease. It's nice that you have something so distinctive to remember her by. What a find! I wonder if they have THAT in the Gucci museum!
  10. Sorry about Nana. I am glad you have something you can treasure that sure is a great find!
  11. fab collection.
  12. oh im soo sorry for your grandmothers condition. My great grandma suffers from alzimers too and its sad to see she doesnt remember her daughters. :worried: