Vintage Finds....

  1. This auction just ended a few hours ago with no bids. She wanted 187.00. It's darling but I think the price was too high. Now maybe people will take it more seriously. It's a Cutie and very unique. Who wants it? Maybe one of you should write him offering 150 to end the auction. The bag does look amazing but I would never use it.
  2. I agree with Lexie, it is a cute bag but I would never carry it. That lining is to die for though, maybe I would turn the bag inside out.

    I just LOVE those old Kooba linings.
  3. We should have a thread just for vintage Kooba's.
    (and hire Nancy Drew to figure out just how far back they go & their names)

    I have a couple coming from eBay & first thing I want to peek at is the lining inside...If I can get my camera to work, I'll post pics here.
  4. I think it would be neat if Kooba did a special edition bag with the lining as the star.

    Here are some vintage Kooba linings, gotta love them.

    I have been carrying the little camel bag on the right for the last few days, the baby sister of one Rosen is waiting on.
    BurntOrangeVintageKooba-interior2.JPG Kooba shelby paisley lining2.JPG Vintage-inside-2.JPG
  5. That's cool..the leather is very pretty. Not too sure about the handle...but I like it! Looks like a tote when not cinched.
  6. Yea, that Nutmeg Sienna looks awfully pebbly. I love that black tote but is it real? I don't know about that bag plus it looks pebbly. Did Kooba ever put their plaques on the front of the bag?
    174.00 for her Bridget??? Geesh, I was considering myself lucky if I get 75 for mine.
  7. I love that red swirled lining, something about those wild prints get to me.

    I know what it is too. It's like wearing really pretty lingerie that only you see, the same with a pretty bag lining.
  8. I'll give you 75 for her. :yes:
  9. You could get her cheaper than that perhaps. only 61.00 now and bidding is looking dead.
  10. I'm watching! But probably as always, the real bidding won't begin until the last couple of hours and I'm sure it'll go out of my budget now. Oh well. It's not like I'm hurting for a bag. LOL