Vintage Fendi

  1. I have alot of older Fendi. I guess you can call 15 years old vintage.
    These are all in canvas. I love the new ones but I wish they could make some in canvas also.

  2. I love your collection!!!!
  3. VERY NICE! I don't know WHY Fendi stopped using canvas like that.
  4. oh, very nice. i love vintage bags! :love:
  5. I dont know why either. I have one in the new material, but I know its going to get dirty. Also I have had alot of repairs made to them. I got them all at Bloomingdales and I have had straps replaced, inner pockets replaced...and guess what...they dont charge at all! Why cant LV be like that????
  6. I love Vintage Fendi! I love your collection. I have two vintage fendi bags that I love. :P
  7. Oh your vintage Fendi collection is TDF :yes: !!!
  8. why can't i see the pictures? :sad: i am so dissapointed...
  9. I guess because the thread is so old. I would of loved to see them too:sad:
  10. i can't see them too!.......
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