Vintage Fendi Thread......POST YOUR VINTAGE BAGS HERE!

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  1. I absolutely love vintage fendi baguette. Hope to get one soon. They are all so stunning!
  2. Hey you guys, I'd like to post this find I encountered, actually because of this thread, when I saw the first bag of the thread the ovely cursive logo and that really odd logo at the insde base of the bag, I started searching the web, and then by some random chance, a listing on 1stdibs appeard on my Google results, the moment I saw the listing I fell in love of it for my mom, I'm gifting this beauty to her on mother's day, which in my country is on May 10th, just a few days away, so, please shh, don't spoil the surprise for my mom ;)...
    FullSizeRender.jpg FullSizeRender_1.jpg FullSizeRender_2.jpg FullSizeRender_3.jpg IMG_4538.jpg IMG_4542.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg FullSizeRender_1.jpg
  3. Two vintage fendi from the 90's. The one with the long leather strap is a small camera bag. Today I use it for my cell phone. The other bag is also cute.

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  4. Two vintage fendi from the 90's. The one with the long leather strap is a small camera bag. Today I use it for my cell phone. The other bag is also cute.
  5. One of my favorite Fendi purple leather bags, this style is the Vanity clutch, commonly called the Smile bag. I carried it with Kooky to a wedding last fall. The leather is so soft and yummy. I believe this bag was from 2004-2005 ish.

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  6. Hi! I'm new here so I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this.

    I have a Fendi Zucca-print bag that looks to be from the 80s. It was given to me by my college roommate when she moved abroad for grad school and was downsizing. She received it from her boyfriend's mother who had it lying around in her home for a long time. It was never used and came with a tag and dustbag, but I'm confused because the tag is from Dillard's department store. I can't imagine Dillard's ever selling Fendi. Does anyone know more about this?
  7. Hello there!
    My mother gave me these lizard trimmed/ beaded Fendi Baguettes and can not remember for the life of her what year they're from. Can somebody help me out? Even though they are so 90's I weirdly think they're so beautiful. Sort of/kind of/really obsessed with them haha! Any info helps!
    xx Prince

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  8. Hi all I'm new here and keen to post pics of a vintage Fendi Selleria 1925 Roma leather shoulder bag pierced with dots on the front to create the logo 1925 Roma. I'm interested to get a handle on its date and authenticity. The main question for me is whether the bag is a man-bag or a lady's .. I wonder when the mens range started?
  9. IMG_2414.jpg IMG_2415.jpg

    Sharing my beautiful vintage wicker bag! She’s so pretty [emoji7] I’m hoping to find another owner of this unique piece.. my bag leans to the right and I’m wondering if that is a quirky design or if it’s crooked? Lol I’m wondering because If it’s not meant to be that way I’m thinking of having it adjusted [emoji848] anyone own this bag? [emoji7][emoji1303]
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  10. Hi guys! I bought this fendi bag for my etsy store but I am now questioning its authenticity. I need to be sure obviously if I am going to be selling it because I don't want to be pegged as someone selling fake bags. I was told by the seller that it is definitely authentic and that it is most likely from the 1970's thus has no date tag. None of the hardware has the fendi name of logo on it which is making me question the authenticity. The bag seems to be really well made. I haven't seen another bag like it so I just don't even know how to tell. Please help!

    IMG_0208.PNG IMG_0209.PNG IMG_0210.PNG IMG_0211.PNG IMG_0212.PNG IMG_0213.PNG IMG_0214.PNG IMG_0215.PNG IMG_0216.PNG
  11. Bought her home last week. A preloved Always Shopper in Zucca. Absolutely stunning !! Cant wait to bring her out.

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  12. Not mine and not sure how vintage, but I was seated next to someone with an older pochette that was covered in sparkles/glitter.
  13. BFB0CA10-8977-4EAC-B84B-6FE4EB69FD71.jpeg CBB4A7C6-5F38-49C5-9D4E-ECA92D2306E7.jpeg A4B21F7B-A30A-4A61-85B7-F55746E94D60.jpeg C722BED3-8CCF-4093-9237-CBAC27A48F2C.jpeg 7FA59C12-1EB1-4218-89CB-01638BC92E7A.jpeg
  14. IMG_8345.JPG Does the Demi Jour count as vintage? It's no longer available. Anyway, here is mine, out having tea with me today at the George V in Paris...
  15. do you still have any of these they are gorgeous!