Vintage Fendi Thread......POST YOUR VINTAGE BAGS HERE!

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  1. These are my vintage pieces. I'm selling them now though cause they aren't really my style and there's some other stuff I like that I want to buy.

    The gold caviar is my favorite but I'm convinced it will only look good with a fur.

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  2. They're all very beautiful pieces, thanks for sharing.
  3. Wow......such gorgeous beadwork! I adore the metal Fendi logo on the middle bag, it is so different from what I normally see:nuts:
  4. WOW! These Baguettes are exquisite!
  5. Thank you!

    Yes, that buckle is so unique I just stare at it. I've never seen a Fendi buckle as ornate

    I love Baguettes, I'm surprised they're not more coveted than they are. But I'm more of a hobo satchel / satchel girl and I wear a lot of black, grey and denim. Digging the Karlitos though.
  6. These are just beautiful!!
  7. Well, I have a vintage Fendi black SpyBag used only two times. It was a gift in 2002 and it is in pristine condition. I've been getting feedback there were no holograms then. it has the stamped numbers on leather and other features, so I couldn't think it isn't anything but original. Why????? haven't I used it - wasn't my style.

    I just becamae a member so I can't figure how to insert my images. Help?? And then I'll be back!!!! Thanks!!

  8. I can't wait to see your Spy, Wavedancer!

    Here is a quick 'how to' for posting photos.....
  9. Here is my vintage fendi beaded baguette. Beading is exquisite. No missing beads. :smile:
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  10. What a beauty, Luccibag! The beading is so stunning.......I'm intrigued with the black Fendi logo!
  11. Stunning!!
    Head-Turning piece!!
  12. Ok now, I really have to say this is P R E C I O U S!!!! OMG the typography of the logo, it looks so so old, it's beautful, bags like these are the true testament of what Fendi is and represents, true craftsmanship and artisanship, The resiliency to the test of time is just astonishing in this one, and the most amazing part is, the design itself even though you can see is a vintage one, is versatile and timeless.

    To me you deserve a big Congratulations!!! It is quite the privilege to be able to own a piece of history like that.
  13. It is fantastic, the shape and also I didn't know Fendi used braided leather like that, kudos on that beauty!
  14. OMG YES!!! That's what I'm talking about!! To me the baguette is quite an accomplishment by Ms. Venturini Fendi, and I have a deep connection with this bag since, I gifted one to my mom about 3 years ago, it is single-handedly her favorite, the other bags I've given her are simply forgotten, what amazes me is that, even when the leather looks so soft and fragile and it well, shows signs of age, still looks resilient and beautiful, and the color is to die for, that's actually a favorite of mine, chocolate tone.