Vintage Fendi Thread......POST YOUR VINTAGE BAGS HERE!

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  1. MissHolly, I love this idea!! Fendi has great vintage bags! Chat away, ladies and don't forget to post lots of photos:smile:
  2. I'll open with mine😊

    Vintage Du Jours






    The leather is so soft and squishy😍
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1425108464.440798.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1425108489.757157.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1425108515.090935.jpg
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  4. I have one-I'll post a pic later when I get home! :smile: I also have a few Spys on layaway at Fashionphile.
  5. Great postings!
  6. OK, so this is my only Fendi so far; it was on eBay for the longest time but the photos were pretty bad so no one was buying. I wasn't sure about it but i finally made the seller a really cheap offer after she'd re-listed it about three times, and surprisingly she took it! It's definitely used and the leather is faded in parts, but I only spent about $180 so I figured even if it was trashed it was worth the risk, and honestly it still looks pretty good, I think!
  7. That was a great find and price ,congrats😊
  8. Totally! I love the weaved handle, and the logo print, I love it! Good buy!!!
  9. Here is a pony hair fun one! Anyone recognize the year it was done? - I would love to know! I got it vintage....
    Fendifront.jpeg Fendiback.jpeg
  10. I don't know anything about this one, but it's adorable!
  11. Here is my latest find; I know lots of people hated this bag, but I am rather thrilled with it!

  12. I think it looks really good.......I would be very pleased with this fun Spy!

    This is a B bag......I believe they came out in 2006. I adore this particular combo design. I also really like the embroidered/ beaded one:smile:
  13. hello all!
    I am a member of Fendi Vintage too!

    The leather of Fendi vintage is so nice..
    Missholly's du jours is stunning!!

    This is my vintage baguette...very old version!
    I love it!!!!!!

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  14. I love it too! A gorgeous classic style:tup: