Vintage Ergo and April stuff **PICS**

  1. I have been on a bit of a Coach spree! :yahoo: Here are my April items (although I think a couple were actually ordered in March)...

    My grapefruit slice coin purse (arrived today) and fruit lanyard (arrived earlier this week):

    Green patent Hamptons coin purse and grapefruit coin purse:

    And my "April" collection, including large Vintage Leather Ergo Tote, coin purses, fruit lanyard, "Bessie" Clutch scarf, Hamptons "Scribble" scarf in black/white, and Legacy Handbag scarf in blue.

    I have one more thing on the way, and that is the skull charm. One of these days I will post pics of my whole collection. :yes:
  2. Is that the Large Vintage leather tote - Is the leather TDF???
  3. Look at all those gorgeous scarves! Yum!
  4. Yes, it is the smaller version of the "Maude" but not HUGE...still pretty big, though. I can put work stuff and catalogs inside without any problem. And yes, the leather is scrumptious! :yes:
  5. Congrats on all your purchases. I love the lanyard, it is so cute. Enjoy.
  6. Can you post a pic wearing the ergo on your shoulder?

  7. Gorgeous stuff!! The bag is TDF :heart:
  8. I REALLY NEED AN ERGO... :drool: :crybaby: Too bad I'm :banned:
  9. Gorgeous choices! Absolutely love the bag and all the grapefruit slice charm. Too adorable!
  10. Very cute items! Congrats!
  11. "Bessie" Clutch scarf

    wait a second thats ME! but i dont get it :sad:
  12. so cute!! congrats on your purchases :biggrin:
  13. Your beautiful items are TDF!! Making me drool over here!! Enjoy them!
  14. Ashley:

    Here is a picture of me wearing the Vintage Ergo Tote.


  15. the ergo looks fab!