Vintage EPI?

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  1. Is there anything to know about Epi from the 90's? Anything to watch out for like sticky pockets or a manufacturing problem- ie: glue changing color on seams like on MC
  2. Just in case I happen to come across a good deal on eBay one day.....
  3. Yeah sticky pockets are common, definitely ASK the seller about it before you bid. I know one TPFer had us authenticate an Epi bag and it was authentic, but the seller said the pockets weren't sticky and when the winner received it, they were. In this case, the lining of the pocket can be replaced but do ask the seller ahead of time so it's not a surprise.
  4. In a related question, are LV able to breathe new life into old Epi items? I love Epi but am very put off by photos I've seen of older ones that have become dirty and scuffed.. I know that mono canvas and vachetta can be taken to a store to be cleaned, but can they spiff up Epi at all?
  5. And the lining can go sticky in a flash. I just found a 20 year old mono Jeune Fille with pockets in just starting to fail condition. Not sticky, just some peeling at the top. In two days of 60% humidity, sticky pockets. None of my accessories have this but three of my bags do.

    I think the wear is permanent. The color is gone from the edges.

    Try looking at bags with no pockets. Speedy and Noe are two. The plastic in the speedy pocket is different than in the Jeune Fille and Trocadero [my sticky pocket victims].
  6. Thanks! There are a couple items such as a Triangle and Concorde that I would consider purchasing. The Triangle has no pockets but the Concorde does. Though, I think the interior was made in leather. The Speedy is a consideration too.

    FrankieP, I agree with Kathy, once the scuff happens, there isn't anything that can be done. They can be cleaned though.