VIntage Epi pieces

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  1. I am looking for a Epi Speedy since quite some time. Obviously, I have to go preloved. Why is it that almost any vintage epi pieces has blackened handles? So frustrating. After how many years does this happen?

    I am also interested, because I am eyeing the Alma BB in epi. I have it in Monogram Canvas, but it is raining quite a lot here. Would the Alma BB handles also blacken?
  2. Can you post a picture of an epi Speedy with blackened handles? The vachetta on monogram will definitely develop a golden patina with time that can blacken over years of use/abuse. If you use the Alma BB with the strap, rather than hand held, then the vachetta will stay lighter for longer.

    It's not something I am familiar with on epi pieces (and I have a number of those myself).
  3. To be honest, those are both VERY well used pieces. With well used pieces, you have to expect flaws. The Speedy is a hand held bag so anything that's been used a lot you're going to have discolouration on the handles.

    I did a very quick search as your post read as though every epi bag you looked at had the same problem and that's just not true. For example:
  4. Yes, you are right, I really did not put this correctly and I am sorry for this.

    I was probably just a little frustrated at the time of the post. All Epi Speedys are quite old now, and there is probably only little chance in getting one in unused condition. Epi is durable but obviously not indestructible. ;)

    I just bought a new one in monogram two days ago. There is still the chance to get a new Epi Alma (or to wait for a re-release of the Epi Speedy).
  5. The ones you posted really look good. And tempting.
  6. Good luck with your decision. All I would suggest it don't settle. Make sure it's something you love and that works for you.
  7. Thank you, vernis-lover, for your kind words. I still have hopes that it will get re-issued again.