Vintage Epi Petit Noe...does anyone else have....

  1. .....a VINTAGE Epi petit noe that looks like this on the interior and has unfinished straps on the backside like this? I've had this bag authenticated here by Addy and another member and by Caroldiva, yet my buyer on eBay still has some doubts. We're trying to get to the bottom of this to see if this is the way the original epi petit noes were constructed. This one is from the 80s, the second year of Epi Petit Noe production. Thanks!
    pastedGraphic3.jpg pastedGraphic4.jpg
  2. hm.. thats a toughie. Certainly Addy is correct :smile: but im unsure of the inside unfinished-ness hehe

    it is common for LV to slightly change the production of a bag a year or so into it being made. I know they tend to move date codes and the like!

    Hopefully somebody will be able to give you more info, sorry i couldnt help! x
  3. I'll go check mine.I have a brown one from right back...
  4. Checked my black as well no on both.sorry:sad:
  5. Thanks everyone. Both Addy and Caroldiva have put my miind at ease that the bag I sold is completely authentic vintage Louis. There's another oldie but goodie just like it on sale on eBay right now. I feel much better!
  6. Hi may i know whether a vintage piece petite neo contain a date code? thank you