Vintage Earring Question

  1. Hi, it's my first post on the jewelry forum, but I've enjoyed looking over everyone's lovely pieces, especially the beautiful antique jewelry. I have a pair of older earrings (I don't know that they're technically antique) that I wanted to get your opinions on...

    I attached photos of them, they're my favorite earrings, but unfortunately the central marcasite embellishments are chipped and cracked. I still wear them as is, but I'd like to get them repaired eventually. Does anyone know whether you can get marcasite repaired? I don't know if jewelers even work with marcasite anymore.

    Also, if I can't get the marcasite redone (or if it turns out to be cost prohibitive) I was thinking of getting the center marcasite embellishments reset with garnets (or another semiprecious stone - any recommendations?). Again, I don't know how much this would cost, but I think garnets might be pretty. The earrings themselves are marked "Sterling Germany" so they're silver, I'm guessing they could hold a garnet. Does it sound like something worth trying?

    Thanks ladies, I certainly value your jewelry expertise :smile:
    ebay 217.jpg ebay 218.jpg
  2. Pretty earrings - sorry I don't know about getting them repaired though. I will say that I have some vintage eyeglasses and after hearing several 'nos' I found a place that could fix them. I think garnet would be nice in those or maybe even cut hematite.
  3. Yes def think you should try and get them repaired - as its silver hopefully it won't be too much :smile: Def think Garnet or maybe onyx as that could be quite striking!
  4. They are beautiful! I can see why you want to repair them!

    I don't know about replacing the marcasite, but resetting the earrings with a garnet, may be even harder, since there are a number of smaller set stones around the centerpiece, and any soldering would damage them unless they were all taken out and reset. (I had a pair of silver hoops set with colored stones that the post broke off of, and had the same problem. It just wasn't worth the extra work for a pair of silver earrings.:sad:)

    Japster? Castrocreations? Ideas?