Vintage Dior sunglasses

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  1. [FONT="Trebuchet MS", Arial, Helvetica]I have a thing for houndstooth so when I found a pair of Christian Dior Vintage Sunglasses 2662 in houndstooth I was in love. However I can find no additional information on them nor can I find any site other then one that has a pair for sale.
    I'm worried that they're replicas, I've searched ebay but can't find them and I also did a general google search with no luck.

    The site in question is
  2. Please post any authenticity questions in the Authenticate This Dior thread located on top of the page. Please read the link in my signature first to check what photos need to be provided for sunglasses to be authenticated, thanks!
  3. Actually I wasn't meaning for this post to judge authenticity, I was trying to find out if anyone knew of any additional places that might possibly carry them for sale.