Vintage Dior jewelry

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    Anyone collect vintage dior costume jewelry? I have been looking on eBay and love some of the pieces I have seen. How do you know if they are legit? Anyone buy vintage jewelry of any kind on eBay and have a prblm with it? Please share would love to hear what pieces you own as well!:flowers:
  2. Ooops, you posted this in handbags, I'll move it to the Jewelry Box for you! ;)
  3. There was a thread a little while ago on vintage jewelry, and Chloehandbags said that her business deals in vintage jewelry. Also I think Japster would be a good resource, too.
  4. Thanks Swanky ;o)
    Thank you Pippi I will ask them.
  5. Any time! be sure to post pics of any pieces you get so we can drool:drool::lol:
  6. Yep pics for drooling is KEY!!! :amuse:
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