Vintage designers in classic Hollywood movies - Fans please

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  1. Hi, I'm researching for a script that involves a very wise handbag lover, who is a passionate expert on Vintage accessories - in particular as seen in the movies of the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's and 1960's. Your help and advice about everything to do with those fabulous times - designers and their teams & star relationships, your own theories or preferences, pointers, tips, anectdotes, pictures or links would be very very welcome!
    Every little scrap of knowledge will be useful. From clasps to colours to skin sources to polishing, to red carpet spills to beloved home-made replicas.
    Hoping to hear from you all. . .
  2. You may get more help if you post a little more and get to know some members here. This is your first post and quite a huge task you're asking. A lot of this information can be found through Google.

    I am not trying to be rude, but nobody here knows you or what script you are working on. I used to work in Hollywood reading scripts for a studio and this type of research is usually paid for quite handsomely. I know our research assistants spent days working on researching minor facts for simple half hour TV episodes and they earned thousands per week. Just saying...
  3. :goodpost:
  4. wow Kitty Kat. I thought this was a place for every kind of enthusiast. You quite right - I am a total newbie and I think I've been pretty upfront about where I'm coming from. Further to this, I'm an indie film maker working on low to no-budget productions. As for the monetary worth of this research, I do what I do for passion, thought the Bag forum people was for like-minded folks.