vintage date code ques.

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  1. A keepall 45 says .V.I. 864 should it have a "." Before the first V???
  2. Hi

    My friend just sent pics. I want to know if this is a real authentic keepall.

    Item: keep all 45 w strap.
    Date code says ".V.I. 864"
    I don't have a link... :0( do I need have them find it?????




    I know it suppose mean April of 86 but should a "." Be before that VI?
  3. I posted in wrong area. .anyone know how to move this using cellphone app, purse forum?
  4. Does this say VI or MI? Do y'all think authentic?



  5. anyone???
  6. Got info...can a mod delete this thread???
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.