Vintage D&B's?

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  1. Hello ladies,

    Do any of you buy/sell the vintage D&B's?

    My mom purchased a D&B doctor bag over 15 years ago, but it's still in pristine condition. Right now, it's sitting in the guest room gathering dust :sad:. It's a beautifully made, well crafted, very durable bag. It's such a shame that it's not being used...hint hint hint...

    I have the dark blue leather instead of the white...

    Is there a 'market' for these bags, or are they stored in the attic, a forgotten love, a distant memory, left to succumb to moths and dust bunnies?
  2. my roomie has a vintage d&b backpack.. ill be sure to make her post a picture!! hehe
  3. Oh, please do :smile:.
  4. [​IMG]

    yes this is my beloved dooney backpack. vintage is so hot. i use it EVERY day for work, and i :love: it to death. my mum gave it to me!
  5. Thanks for the link, Mr. Dooney ;). I remember that bag now (I read through your thread earlier...hehehe)

    Madame Vicious Bliss, that is a GORGEOUS color. I've never seen that colour before. She's a beauty :heart:
  6. I have loads of vintage AWL. This bag could sell at over $150 if presented correctly. My beat up bags sell at from $20 to $60. The square fitted satchel is very desirable for very good reason. I rarely carry mine but cannot bear to part with it.[​IMG]
  7. Wow..I'm speechless. That is a VERY impressive collection you have there, Kathyy. WOW!!!

    Yes, I see the bag there. I am considering selling it. It really needs a loving home where it will be used
  8. If the one above is the one that ended last night, I was interested in it. Just didn't want to take a chance with whether I could get a key for it. I love the vintage AWL and have a few in my collection. ;)

    Most people feel the older Dooneys are too heavy.
  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE vintage AWL. I have eight AWL vintage bags, an agenda and a wallet. The style you're showing is actually one I've been looking for but in black, blue or green. I always get compliments when I carry one!
  10. I don't mind the weight of the old Dooneys. Some of those old Coaches, no way! Patricia's Legacy has four walls and a flap of wonderful thick heavy supple leather, much heavier than the Dooneys that hold their shape and don't have all that leather. I do have some old Coaches but only one with a flap!

    Thanks, I love the bags. At one point I collected all the styles I liked. These are the ones I USED. Beautifully made bags.
  11. Bless ~ I have that same dark blue Dooney doctor bag! I found it for $20 at a local thrift shop. It holds EVERYTHING! I :heart::heart::heart: it.

    Kathyy ~ Your vintage collection is GORGEOUS! I'm such a vintage nut...
  12. Kathyy~ love your dooney collection is outrageous;)
  13. i think dooney was much better the old way. They were really well made. I had quite a few back then. Now they seem cheaply made and not worth the money.
  14. Oh yea? Are we allowed to 'sell' bags on this forum? I don't want to break any rules by offering to sell the bag to you :sad: :wlae:.