vintage croc kelly PLEASE HELP

  1. I´m negoatiating a vintage croc kelly, by your date stamps year, it´s from 84, it´s in perfect shape only the handle is a bit to the left, with the patine of the use, next to the Hermès Paris MAde in France there´s a triangle, which the lady told me it is a signal that is true crocodile. Can you give me an ideia how much is reasonable to pay for it?!?! Or at least comparing to the USA market (I´m writing from Portugal)
    I thank you all in advance for your help+answers:tup:
  2. Wow this is a tough question

    The triangle mmmmmmm not sure about that, does the leather have tiny dots in each scale?? as that will affect the value

    My instincts tell me that maybe posting it on authenticate this thread would be a good idea

    Just to let you know a vintage croc pre 1960
    sold at auction over here in the uk for £5700 uk pounds so its worth as much as people want to bid and pay for it

    But please do make sure its authentic
  3. thank you ´for your answer,
    Yes the dots it has...
    Does anyone has something else to say about the triangle?!!? according to your date stamps by year I checked and it´s from 1984...
  4. by the way, in each way the dots affect the price?? what they mean?

  5. Not sure where this triangle is

    is it next to the blindstamp??
    am sure others here have greater knowledge than myself

    Phone Hermes as to speak to the leather craftsman if you store has one
    am sure the other ladies here can help
  6. Dots mean its porous crocodile which is good
    Now if this bag is on E bay please please post it in the authenticate this thread
    I have seen fake crocodile hermes bags sell for thousands of dollars these last few weeks
    so be safe
  7. It´s not on eBay, it´s from an old lady...
    the triangle it´s right the golden insignia HERMÈS PARIS

    made in france
    not in the hardware, but on the skin...

    I have already posted the question on the "authenticate" as you advised me,
    thanks again
  8. Is the mark a carrot sign, like this ^ ?

    This means it's porosus croc. (alligator has a "square" mark, and croc nilo has another sign, which I don't know - anyone? Is it a triangle?)

    See hg's leather book
  9. yes, the sign it´s exactly like that... is that a good thing?ahhah, I´m going to take a look on the link above,
    Thank you so very much!!
  10. vreelandia,

    In Japan, a vintage 32 croc porous Kelly in good shape can range from around $8500 and up.

    Good luck! Croc anything in Hermes, if in good condition, is gorgeous!!!
  11. Make sure the scales are not dry and there are no cracks or peeling anywhere. I think purchasing it for somewhere around $8 - $9K would be a good deal for a bag of that vintage in good shape.
  12. what is the size? If it is a mini, that might be a little high....
  13. Agreed about the dryness. I would also say about $7-9K for a 28cm or 32cm. I wouldn't pay more than that for 1984
  14. BOUGHT IT!!!!
    I will tAKE PICS AND POST IT:yahoo: AND THEN please give me your sincere feedback

  15. Here it goes:
    IMG_1076.JPG IMG_1078.JPG IMG_1079.JPG IMG_1084.JPG IMG_1082.JPG