Vintage Coach

  1. So I love browsing online vintage stores and just thought I would share some pics of the vintage Coaches floating out there from the 80s. There is something very different about 80s Coach (some of the tote styles are so 80s-esque that they are almost kitschy - in my book that's a good thing) yet there's something about the classic shapes that remains the same.


    And just for fun, lets throw an old Dooney in here as well - now these guys have DEFINITELY changed up their style:

  2. Search ebay for madison copley and bonnie cashin and you'll find lots more. I love bonnie cashins stuff...I think thats why I like the legacy so much since a lot of it was inspired by her designs for coach back inthe day
  3. I've been getting in vintage purses lately also. I just got a vintage Gucci from the 80s! It was mother's. So I'm wondering where I could find more vintage handbags... Which online vintage stores do you browse through, Jillian?

    I like that navy vintage Coach with the brown trim! Very cute!
  4. I picked up a vintage stewardess bag a few months back on ebay. I love it! and it only cost $31.99 with shipping. New ones are about $300.00. Yeah, Bonnie Cashin's work was great!
  5. ^^Thats probably why I've gone from maybe getting one or two things from coach every once in a while to now forgetting about the chanel clutch I was about to buy this week and wait and snatch up the clutch and flap and skinny oh my! They should stick with Bonnie Cashin revival. Or maybe not for my bank accounts sake LOL.
  6. Legacy collection is here to stay :smile: Just like hamptons and soho!
  7. I look at a lot of different sites. I just go googling and browsing. If I remember correctly, these bags were on and - they were all in the $20-50 range. I have my favorite site with lots of Pucci bookmarked at work (but can't remember the name - its something like but I don't think that's exactly it). I recently stumbled across a couple of well-worn 80s Gucci bags in the $60-70 but while they were obviously loved and cared for, they were also well used.
  8. i still have that dooney in dark blue (in way better shape than that one) it was my prized possession in the mid 1990's... I have three dooney's from back then that I just can't part with - they are what has led me to my Coach obsession...
  9. Thanks! I'll definitely check those sites out! :yes:
  10. I was just perusing the Coach online site. If you click on "classic favorites", and check out the leather handbags, you'll notice a lot of very cool, very vintage looking bags. I am surprised, I hadn't seen any of these in the stores. I may look into purchasing one of these after Christmas.

  11. The outlets used to have a wall that was all classic bags but its been gone for several months now. I have a red city bag. Its a great bag.
    And remember to hang on to your bags, they will be vintage someday!
  12. Yeah! I'm glad to hear that! I am a new Coach addict, just bought my 3rd bag which was a Legacy shoulder bag in black and I love it! I can hardly wait to see what else comes out! I love that these were inspired by vintage bags! I think it gives them even more character!
  13. I totally agree! They are gorgeous bags. I have the shoulder bag in whiskey that I'm using now and I'm in LOVE with it. I also have the shoulder zip in black under my tree. I can't wait! :yahoo:

    Congrats on the shoulder bag tlloveshim!
  14. Thanks, Pompilit! Congrats on your bag too! I'm tempted to get another Legacy bag, love the rose leather but I'm trying to be good! LOL! How does the shoulder zip compare to the shoulder bag in terms of size? Which do you like better? TIA!

    edit: Silly me! If it's under your tree you can't tell me.... I'll have to wait til after Christmas for your answer!!