Vintage Coach

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  1. I just started my interest in coach a few years ago. I know that coach has been around for over 50 years. Does anyone have a vintage coach handbag? or something coach over 5-10 years old? I'm really curious to see what vintage coach looks like. I really wish showed all the purses they have released.
  2. go to google and type in bonnie cashin. she was one of the first COACH designers and utilized the turnlock and also the stripe lining that we see in alot of bags today. right now on eBay there are alot of cute COACH Cashin bags. i think there are a couple threads on this not sure.
  3. I never even knew about bonnie cashin until you educated me. Found lots of cool stuff.

    Thanks Lagizzle!!!!
  4. You still access some of the Old Coach favorites via the website. It may listed under classics or something like that.
  5. You can enter "Coach vintage" in eBay's search box and see a good selection of older bags. Just be careful about buying the really old ones - if they haven't been taken care of properly the leather can get dried out and even cracked. Some sellers also re-dye older bags and don't disclose it in their listings. ALWAYS check the feedback of anyone selling older Coaches.

    Also, some sellers are clueless about older bags, and have no idea of their age or even if the bags are genuine (yes, even older Coaches were faked!). There are bags listed as "Bonnie Cashin" that aren't, and bags listed as "vintage" that aren't even ten years old yet. I have at least 20 bags that are ten years old or older, and I love the older Coach leather. It's heavier, gets softer with age, and has a classic look that never really goes out of style. Unfortunately I don't have a digital camera so can only show a few photos from the original listings of the ones I bought on eBay. You can also see some small pictures of a few Coaches from 7 to ten years ago at WooPretty's Classic Coach page:

    '94 Sheridan Monticello, '95 Madison Royalton, '89(?) Station Bag, slightly modified
    4226 - Monticello2.JPG 4403 - Royalton Madison1.JPG Station Bag 090-9335_a.JPG
  6. I was going to post this in the black bags thread in General Discussion but thought it would be appreciated more by vintage Coach lovers.

    These were all bags I used for the office: backpack, prairie, a number of flap bags, limited edition Derby, medium flap. I have a few more but I picked my fave ones today. I saw the prices on the "vintage leather" items is selling now, I can't believe how high they are! My large backpack was just under $400 back in the 90s.

    p.s. The bag in the foreground is not Coach tho the leather is remarkably like the water buffalo leather Coach used through the early 90s; I bought that from Bloomingdales (Italian). The bag at the far left in back is not Coach either, it's a Liz Claiborne jacquard hobo.
  7. All my Coach bags were purchased quite some time ago, between 1991 and approximately 1996. The attached photo shows all these bags, with the exception of two backpacks (one in black and one mahogany). From left to right:

    1. Tan Station Bag
    2. Mahogany Sidepack
    3. Black Metropolitan Brief
    4. Red and black keychain/card holders
    5. Black Court Bag
    6. Red bag from Soho collection
    7. Mahogany Duffle Sac
  8. Nice collection, Kimi, and they're all in beautiful condition! Is the red Soho tote a Waverly, 4133?
  9. Gorgeous collection!
  10. I have a Rambler's Legacy that I got off of ebay. Based on the serial number, I believe it to be from the early 90s though the same style is available on Coach's site now.

    Kimivoire and Hyacinth....great collections both of you! I love the two toned look to some of your bags Hyacinth.
  11. I know this will "date" me, but I have the black leather Station bag from like 9 years ago. It was my very first Coach bag. This was before they had linings. My bag is a gorgeous, rich black leather and doesn't have a lining (it's just kinda like a unfinished leather inside). It does have the "Creed" and the leather and hardware is still gorgeous.
  12. Hyacinth, sweelmelissa, and RealDealGirl - thanks for the compliments. It's nice to know that there are still people out there that appreciate the older Coach bags.

    Hyacinth, I quite frankly do not recall the name of the red Soho bag pictured. I do know that it was one the last Coach bags I purchased (in 1996? 1997?). I looked in the bag and it has the number K7M-4140. If you know the name of that particular Soho bag I would love to know!