Vintage Coach Photos & Chat

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  1. Hello everyone,

    This thread is for those who love vintage Coach handbags. Photos and chat are welcome. We can all learn from each other and have fun too!
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  2. I've posted this bag elsewhere but thought I would post it again. Would love to see everyone's great vintage bags.
    Clach Slim Kiss Lock Rehab1 (Small).JPG Clach Slim Kiss Lock Rehab2 (Small).JPG
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    This one is on the way. It is dark navy and can be used as a clutch too - at least according to the seller. She told me she acquired some vintage bags several years ago from a collector. She will have another one coming soon and if she lets me know, I will post it in the Finds thread.
    Coach Kisslock Navy.jpg
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  4. This is so cute. Can you tell us the particulars about this bag. I think it would those of us new to the vintage bags.
  5. Take more pictures of this one when it arrives, it looks so cute!
  6. I really like this! Thanks for starting it! It will really be a great resource for those of us who are new to vintage bags. I think I have about 7 that would be borderline old would a bag need to be to be considered vintage?
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    To be considered 'vintage' bags need to be at least 20 years, so all of the bags that were made in 1994 with the 'new' (and logical for Coach) serial numbering system become vintage this year!

    Great idea to start this thread Cameochi!

    This is my favourite and oldest vintage Coach: a pre-creed watermelon tote.
  8. This was my first rehab project, a tan Vista. I was so disappointed when I got her as she had been repainted so I had to remove it all. She reached official vintage status in January this year!
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    This is the one that started my addiction! A British Tan Carousel made in 1994 in the NYC plant. I purchased her already expertly rehabbed by a well- known Coach expert and sometimes-contributor to TPF.
  10. Equal favourite with the watermelon tote. A large Plaza Court in mahogany from the 80's. I didn't need to do anything except apply some Black Rock. Coach sent me the brass hangtag which suits her size perfectly.
  11. Small Courier in putty. She has the softest leather of all!
  12. lovely bags!
  13. Beautiful bags!!
  14. Thank you so much for clarifying. Your vintage bags are gorgeous! I'll have to look at my bags again to see if I have any true vintage ones. I know I have a few from the 90's, they might not be quite old enough yet. I hope more people will post up!
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  15. Thanks everyone. I hope others post here too.

    TPF is such an enabler. I've learnt so much in a very short time from the expert authenticators and rehabbers with lots more to learn too.

    Bigal, I reckon bags made in the 1990's qualify, unless Cameochi wants to stick steadfastly to the 20 year rule?
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